Android Devices Tips

Android Devices Tips

Want to transfer data from your Android phone or Android tablet to computer so that you can control everything directly on your computer? Looking forward to recover lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data on your Android devices? Check out the tips here on how you can easily transfer, backup and recover contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, etc. from your Android devices.

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How to Print Out Text Messages for Court (iPhone & Android)?
How to Print Out Text Messages for Court (iPhone & Android)?

This post aims at telling you how to print out text messages for court from iPhone and Android phone. Do keep reading and get more information about printing text messages for legal purposes.

Text Message Forwarding for Android
Text Message Forwarding for Android

Text message forwarding for Android can be realized in different ways. Here this post shows you 4 methods on how to forward text messages on Android step by step.

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Tips & FAQs for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+

The release of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+ has won the attention of many people. Here this article lists the most noteworthy questions, FAQs & tips for you. Just check it and learn what you want to know about the latest Samsung Galaxy S10.

How to Delete Contacts on Android

If you are wondering how to delete contacts on Android? You can't miss this full guide on deleting contacts from Android phone, as well as deleting WhatsApp contacts, Facebook contacts, Google contacts, etc.

Add WhatsApp Widget to Lock Screen

Want to add WhatsApp widget to lock screen on Android phone or iPhone? Check out the detailed steps here. And we also list best WhatsApp widget applications for you.

Share WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone and Android

Want to know how to share WhatsApp contacts on Android phone and iPhone? This article will tell you the method step by step. And we also show you 1-click way to transfer contacts between two phones.

10 Best Alternatives to Siri for Android Devices

Siri is a digital Voice Assistant for iOS devices. But is there Siri for Android? Here is the list of 10 best Siri alternative apps for Android phones and tablets.

5 Best Alternatives to iTunes for Android

Need the best iTunes alternative for Android to manage Android data on PC or Mac computer? Here lists out top 5 iTunes alternatives for Android software for your reference.

Add Contacts to WhatsApp on Android Phone

Want to know how to add WhatsApp contacts on Android phone? Just read this article and you will learn the detailed steps to add contacts on WhatsApp on Android.

Reboot Android without Power Button

Have an unresponsive power button and want to know is it possible to restart Android phone without power button? Here we will let you know how to reboot Android with an unresponsive power button.

How to Use Dropbox on Android Phones

There are all the tips you should know when you use Dropbox on Android phone. You can share files and folders, upload your photos, videos, etc. to cloud. Come in and learn more.

Tips on Managing WhatsApp Account on Android

In this article, we show you how to manage WhatsApp account on Android device, including how to use old account with new phone number, how to manage two accounts in one phone, etc.

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