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Top 5 App Lockers for Android to Secure Your Individual Apps


App locker for Android is an application that has been designed for a number of different reasons. so, based on the individual need Android users may choose to lock an app on their phones to safeguard their information. It also gives the owner the privacy that they need to ensure no one has access to their data in the case they allow someone to use their device in an emergency situation. Therefore, if someone has to use a phone to call their ride or to obtain direction to a certain place, they cannot use that particular app with the owner's physical and expressed permission.

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In the content below, we will introduce 5 best app lockers for Android users to protect their phone data and secure their individual apps on Android mobile phones.

Part One: 5 Best App Lockers for Android to Secure Your Android Device
Part Two: How to Manage App Lockers for Android

Part One: 5 Best App Lockers for Android to Secure Your Android Device

1. Best Applock - Locker & No Ads

This manufacturer says that they know their user's wishes and they have designed their app locker with their audience in mind. So they are sure that everyone will love it along with the features that have been provided. Here are just a few that everyone can look forward to.

- Eliminates the baggage that comes with advertisements.
- Made to ensure the app locker is the user-friendly interface.
- Constructed with a great looking architecture, saves energy.
- Changes to apps made based on comments of the community.
- The user can always choose the vibration feature as desired.
- The capability provided to design your own themes.

You can download Best Applock - Locker from Google Play Store >>

app locker for android

2. AppLock | Lock Your Apps

Developers have designed this app for several primary purposes. One of the most critical is to give the owner of the Android device complete privacy when others borrow their Android devices. So, here are a few of the basic features that the owners can expect when they download this app.
- Fingerprint scanner support with the user of the finger print.
- Apps are secured with security code for privacy.
- AppLock is so light that it really does not consume any of the essential resource to run the fun (i.e. RAM, battery).
- Gives the owner of the device the privacy that they need in their online social life.
- Hide the pictures that the owner does not want anyone else to view by locking gallery and photo apps.
- This software app is completely free - always free.
- Great Themes and Colors.

You can download AppLock | Lock Your Apps from Google Play Store >>


3. Smart AppLock (App Protect)

The developers of this application have designed this software with a number of different reasons in mind. In particular, as a tool that can help an individual protect their mobile privacy. From using this app to protect their PayPal account information to make sure none of the owner's private photos or pictures cannot be seen at any time, there is a lot that this app can do for you.

- Gives owners of the device an opportunity to lock apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.
- Opportunity to Lock incoming calls.
- Locks the devices essential functions like Wi-Fi toggle & Bluetooth toggle.
- Lock settings that allow a user to either install/uninstall apps.
- Kid proof locking features --- no kids can get the owners games.

You can download Smart AppLock from Google Play Store >>

smart applock

4. Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

The developers of this app focuses on protecting apps and security features like security actions. Also, it gives the Android owner an opportunity protect their social network conversations, USB connection and camera.

- Gives the user the capability to lock all of their apps by using gestures, patterns and pins.
- Provides the user with rotation lock support.
- Watch dog features that fails in 3 password attempts.
- Lock outgoing calls and uninstall features.

You can download Perfect AppLock from Google Play Store >>

perfect applock

5. Best Free AppLock- US Mobile Security myDeviceLock

These developers have concentrated on providing their android device owners a huge load of options that they can make their selections from. Here are just a few of the top and most coveted features.

- Award-winning technology that features the top mobile security technology.
- Protect the Android device user's selfies.
- Gives the users free fire scan technology.
- Easy uninstall features - One touch feature.
- Secures the videos that have been taken by the Android owners.
- Disallows users from accessing any and all apps on the device.

You can download Best Free AppLock - US Mobile Security myDeviceLock from Google Play Store >>

app lockers for android

Part 2: How to Manage App Lockers for Android?

Are you looking for a third party application to help you manage these app lockers for Android? You can fully depend on the Coolmuster Android Assistant (here is the Mac version). This is a desktop program designed to help Android users to manage Android data on computer, including apps, contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music and so forth. By using it, you can install, uninstall and even export app data from your Android device to computer.

manage app lockers for android

Simple steps to manage App Lockers for Android using Android Assistant:

1. Download Android Assistant and install it on your computer

2. Launch the software and connect your Android phone.

3. Go to "Apps" > "Install" to import app files from computer to Android phone.

4. Go to "Apps" > "Uninstall" to remove apps from Android phone.

5. Go to "Apps" > "Export" backup your Android apps on computer.

Words in the End:

If you are looking for an app locker for Android, you will find that these applications have a wide range of great uses. Developers have programmed these apps with the user of Android devices in mind. Based on the need of those in the Android community, these apps are provided the owners with the capability to have privacy in their conversations on the social network, online pictures, and photos. In fact, virtually anyone can now use the device without the owner feeling as if they may be violated with others seeing their private information.

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