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How to Back up Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 on Computer (PC/Mac)?

Smartphones today are like swiss knives, they are a combination of different useful gadgets such as a camera, address book, email, music playback, video playback and game playing among others. Gone are the days when you need to have a physical record of your contacts in order to keep constant communication with friends and family. The smartphone is all one has.

Why do you need to back up Samsung Galaxy S6 data on computer?

* Make restoration easy

Files stored in your Samsung Galaxy S6 are composed of photos, videos, apps, browsing history and game records. When you back up the data to your computer, you not only create another copy but it helps to make restoration easy in case data in your smartphone becomes corrupted.

* Improve its speed

As one continues to fill the available storage with information and data, it makes it difficult for the device to access the data faster. When you back up your data to your computer and delete a few files from your smartphone, not only do you create extra storage space but you get to improve the speed of your device.

Best Galaxy S6 Backup Tool to help you make the backup job

It is important to back up your Galaxy S6 phone data and information regularly. This means you can schedule the back up to occur daily or weekly. If you are looking for that special tool that will not help you to backup samsung galaxy s6 data to your computer but to also restore it, then you need to use the Coolmuster Android Assistant or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac, which is a special application that is designed to help the users manage various functions with their smartphones and tablets. It has various capabilities such as backing up your data to your computer, including your messages, your contacts and your media. The application can help you to export videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, apps and other forms of data to your computer. Apart from that, you can also restore your data and information from your computer to your device.

The application is designed, developed and tested to be 100% compatible with almost all popular android phones and tablets. Brands compatible with the application include Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG and Huawei among others. Below are steps to help you back up your Samsung Galaxy S6 data to your computer using the Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Way to Back up All Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Files on PC with 1 Click

Step 1: Connect your Galaxy S6 to the computer

To connect your smartphone to your computer, you need to use the USB cable provided with your smartphone. Launch Android Assistant and it should detect the connected S6 automatically. It will display the phone model, the system version and storage space too.

Back up Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 2: Choose the files you want to back up

From the left panel of the application, you can choose the kinds of data you want to back up to your computer starting with contacts, SMS, photos and videos among others. After selection, simply click on "Export" button.

Back up Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 3: Verify back up and exit application

Once you clicked on the "Export" button, you are required to choose a path on your computer to save the back up files. Verify the path to let the application complete the process. Once the transfer is finished, you can eject your Galaxy S6 and exit the application.

Another Way to Backup Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 with Mobile Transfer

Another recommended tool to help you backup your Samsung Galaxy phone on computer is Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac. It not only features with powerful phone to phone transferring ability, but also can help you backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, apps etc. to computer and restore them easily whenver you want. The whole backup process can be done easily and conveniently in one click without any quality loss. The Mac version works almost the same as the Windows version does. So, no matter you are using a PC or Mac, you can refer to the guide in the below:

Step 1. Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5 to the computer and the program will detect the connected device as soon as the connection is enabled.

Step 2. Choose "Backup on Computer" option from the main interface and you will enter the backup window. All the transferable data on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is displayed and categorized in categories.

Step 3. Open the file folders and preview to select the files you want to transfer. Then, click "Start" button to copy those Samsung Galaxy data on computer.

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