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Best 5 Android Podcast Managers: Enjoy Android Podcast Fully

Podcasts are well conceived, effective, portable, convenient and an intimate way of delivering content and information to users around the world. First of all, let's see why we need to manage podcast on Android device.

Part 1: Why Need to Manage Android Podcast?
Part 2: Top 5 Podcast Managers for Android
Part 3: How to Manage Android Podcast Manager Apps?

Part 1: Why Need to Manage Android Podcast?

If we pick out an Android podcast manager to manage podcast content, we can organize the Android podcasts into a playlist so that you can listen to them effectively while on the go. Another aspect is that it allows you to import podcasts into the player anytime you want to listen. Lastly, a podcast manager allows you to delete podcasts that are obsolete.

Part 2: Top 5 Podcast Managers for Android

1. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

This is an app that allows you to play free audio and video podcasts from around the world. It has several powerful controls that allow you access to thousands of podcasts online. The app can connect to the internet via wifi or mobile data therefore allowing access to free audio and video podcasts from popular sites like BBC and CNN. One can download free audio and video using the app as well as search for podcasts online. You can also customize your playlist the way you like.

You can download BeyondPod Podcast Manager from Google Play Store >>

2. Podcast ad Radio Addict

The app allows you to manage both your audio and video podcasts with ease. You can manage all audio and video podcasts, manage radio on demand, audio books, live stream radio as well the YouTube channels and RSS news feed you subscribe to all from the comfort of your Android device. Using the app, you can subscribe to popular podcasts via embedded networks like ABC, AfterBuzz TV, BBC, CNN, Carolla Digital, ESPN, FrogPants, Librivox, Nerdist, NPR, TED Talks, Twit and NPO among others. You can also import podcast subscriptions from iTunes and Google Reader OPML file as well as copy and paste RSS feeds.

You can download Podcast ad Radio Addict from Google Play Store >>

3. Podcast Republic

If you are looking for an app that will allow you to play and manage your podcasts, then Podcast Republic is the app for you. The fully automated download feature will allow you to download new episodes from popular podcast platforms online. Once you download the podcast, you can play them offline at any time you want. You can synchronize between devices therefore being able to share your playlists with friends and family members. The app generates home screen widget, lock screen widget and an expandable notification control that puts the app controls in your fingertips.

You can download Podcast Republic from Google Play Store >>

4. Player FM: Podcast Offline

The app allows you to sync podcasts across devices. It will display fresh recommendations on your favorite apps when you connect to the internet. You have access to 500 plus topics you can follow. It is designed to be offline ready therefore you can play, pause, rewind and forward your podcasts thanks to the controls on the player.

You can download Player FM: Podcast Offline from Google Play Store >>

5. PodStore – Podcast Player

With this app, you can share, play and listen to the best podcasts from around the world. It has an in-built podcast player that allows the user to play their favorite podcasts offline. You can also search and download your favorite as well as new podcasts to you device thanks to the apps ability to connect to the internet. Import your iTunes podcast, subscribe to news podcasts and also share your playlist with family and friends thanks to the app.

You can download PodStore – Podcast Player from Google Play Store >>

Part 3: How to Manage Android Podcast Manager Apps?

You can manage your Android podcast manager apps right from your computer thanks to the Coolmuster Android Assistant (here is the Mac version). The application can allow you to manage your apps in your device. It allows one to install, uninstall and export app data to their computer. You can perform this from the tool Apps that is found on the left panel of the application. Following is a step by Step guide to manage your Android Podcast manager apps.

Step One – Download, install and launch application

Start by launching the application and then connect your Android device to your computer.

Step Two – Manage Android podcast apps on computer

Select "Apps" from the left panel of the application. Then, click "Install", "Uninstall" and "Export" options to download new Android podcast app, delete unwanted apps and backup app data to your computer.

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