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Top 5 Android Battery Managers - Manage Android Battery Power

The battery life of Android phones today has improved greatly over the years but still the juice cannot last as much as one wants. Majority of users would be happy if their devices made it through in a single day without recharging. So, let's start to see how to keep our Android phone battery run time go longer and longer.

Part 1: Tips to improve battery life of your Android phone
Part 2: Top 5 Android battery managers
Part 3: How to manage battery manager apps for Android

Part 1: Tips to Improve Battery Life of Your Android Phone

1. Start by trimming apps that are running in the background. To see apps running in the background, navigate to settings, then app then make a left swipe.
2. Remove unnecessary home screen widgets and live paper as they continue consuming power even when the phone is inactive.
3. Reduce the brightness and turn off automatic brightness on your smartphone.
4. Always ensure that you update your apps because as technology changes, so do apps as they are developed to consume less battery power.
5. Switch off haptic feedback and vibration. A vibrating phone consumes more power than when it rings only. Haptic feedback while it is intuitive, it is wise to switch it off to improve battery power.

Part 2: Top 5 Android Battery Managers

1. Juice Defender

This is a powerful yet easy to use battery power manager app that helps to extend the life of your battery. It has preset modes to gain precious battery power and an easy to use interface. It can manage mobile data, WiFi and CPU speed.


a. Integrates seamlessly with power control widgets and shortcuts.
b. Extends battery life of a device.
c. Has an easy to use interface.


a. Does not support many international languages.

You can download Juice Defender from Google Play Store >>

2. Du Battery Saver

It is among the best leading battery saver apps that allows you to manage your battery with its power management modes. It has one touch controls and healthy charge stages.


a. Allows your phone to save 50% more battery power.
b. Provides accurate battery status.
c. Has an easy to use interface.


a. More features are available in the Premium version.

You can download Du Battery Saver from Google Play Store >>

3. GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

The app is developed to allow the user extend the battery life of their Android device with three different and excellent modes: power saving mode, smart saving mode and power testing mode.


a. Has an easy to use interface.
b. Extends the battery life of your device.
c. Estimates battery remaining time.


a. Has a few bugs.

You can download GO Battery Saver & Power Widget from Google Play Store >>

4. Avast Battery Saver

The app makes your battery last due to its high performing profiles. It allows you to configure smart profiles, maximizes your battery life, and it also has super saving emergency mode.


a. Easy to use one-time settings.
b. Displays precise remaining battery.
c. Has an easy to use interface.


a. Does not support all international languages.

You can download Avast Battery Saver from Google Play Store >>

5. Battery Doctor

This is a free battery saving app which helps to extend the battery life of your Android device. It provides detailed battery information and an intuitive UI that allows you to adjust battery usage.


a. Extends your battery life.
b. Displays battery statistics.
c. Easy to use interface.


a. Has few bugs.

You can download Battery Doctor from Google Play Store >>

Part 3: How to Manage Battery Managers for Android?

To manage your Android device battery right from your computer, you can use the Coolmuster Android Assistant with its Mac version - Android Assistant for Mac. It is developed to help users manage their Android devices and the various components within it. The application allows users to install apps like battery manager apps which help to manage the battery power of your Android device. You can also uninstall and export app data to your computer. It is compatible with Android brands like Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, HTC, etc.

Read the step by step guide to manage Android battery management apps by using the Android Assistant.

Step 1 – Install, launch and connect your device to your computer.

Step 2 - From the left panel of the application, select Apps and then choose the appropriate function listed. They include install, uninstall, refresh and export.

You can download the free trial version of the Android manager app right now:

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