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Easy Contacts Transfer between BlackBerry and Android Phones


Transferring contacts between BlackBerry and Android phones is a hot topic of discussion as the number of users who are switching from BlackBerry to Android increases over time. Congratulations on your new Android phone if you are one of those who has just given away your old BlackBerry mobile phone. Whether you switch from BlackBerry to Android or just have the both phone at the same time due to your work requirements, I bet the first problem you need to consider is how to transfer the contacts over. After all, we all don't want to leave important and valuable data behind with our old phone after we change into a new device.

The good news is that you can find some useful tips on how to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Android phone here:

Part 1: Transfer Contacts between BlackBerry and Android with 1-Click
Part 2: Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android via Bluetooth

Part 1: Transfer Contacts between BlackBerry and Android with 1-Click

Perhaps you think of transferring the contacts via online service like Google Account, but Google didn't support BlackBerry since 2012. Therefore, you need to search for another way out, such as trying a professional phone contacts transfer - BlackBerry to Android Transfer. It is a specialized tool that can transfer everything between phones in different operating systems, such as BlackBerry to Android, Android to BlackBerry, BlackBerry to iPhone, iPhone to BlackBerry, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, Android to Android, etc.

You can easily transfer not only contacts, but also SMS, call logs, videos, photos, music and more between BlackBerry and Android with its help. Apart from that, this transfer program also can transfer data from phone to computer for backup and then restore the backup file to any phone with one click.

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Click the below buttons to get the software downloaded on your computer and then you can continue to read the following paragraph to learn how to perform the contacts transfer.

Following is the process of Transferring BlackBerry Contacts (Phone Numbers) to Android by using BlackBerry to Android Transfer:

Preparation: Backup BlackBerry to computer

First of all, install BlackBerry Desktop Software and launch it on your computer. Connect your BlackBerry phone to the same computer's USB ports via a USB cable and click "Backup Now" option to backup your BlackBerry device on your computer.

backup blackberry to computer

Step 1. Launch the Phone Contacts Transfer Tool

After you download and install the BlackBerry to Android Transfer, launch it directly. Choose Restore from Backups on the primary window and click the "Start" button to continue.

copy contacts from blackberry to android

Step 2: Connect Android phone to the PC

Connect your Android phone to the computer where you has the phone transfer software launched. Once the connection is successful, the software will detect the phone and the backup file for your BB automatically and show them side by side.

blackberry to android contacts transfer

Step 3. Share contacts between BlackBerry and Android

Finally, select the files you want to transfer, like contacts, SMS, call history and so forth. For this topic, you just tick the "Contacts" option and press "Start Transfer" to begin the process.

transfer contacts between blackberry and android

Please keep your BlackBerry and Android phone connected well with the computer until the transferring is finished. That is just the most ideal way to transfer contacts between BlackBerry and Android phone.

Note: If want to transfer contacts from Android to BlackBerry, you can click "Flip" button on the program screen to switch their places, choose the contacts and then click "Start Copy" to begin the transfer process.

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android via Bluetooth

Another approach to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Android is using Bluetooth. Here is how to proceed with it:

Step 1: First of all, you should switch on Bluetooth on your Android device. To do that, you should go to "Settings" > "Wireless & Network". Then, turn on the Bluetooth.

Step 2: Turn to your BlackBerry phone and check the box of "Visible" to switch on Bluetooth option.

Step 3: When you have turned on the Bluetooth on both devices, the Android phone will detect the BlackBerry phone and you can pair the two devices now.

Step 4: Select the contacts that you want to transfer from BlackBerry to Android phone and then authorize the transfer process by allowing access on the Android.

After the operations above, the contacts transfer process will initiate and you will then allow for the process to be finished.

Bottom Line:

It is obvious that using BlackBerry to Android Trnasfer is much easier to transfer contacts between BlackBerry and Android phones. We humbly recommend this tool because it supports mobile devices that are running different OSes. And it is compatible with overall file types saved in your phone. Therefore, just get this program to better control your phone and phone data.

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