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2 Ways to Get iPhone iCons for Android Phone

If you are An Android enthusiasts and you are fond of Android's openness and customizability, but at the same time, you prefer iPhone's simple interface and icons. You don't need to worry about it because now you can sell the cow and drink the milk. With a few tips, you can let your Android phone looks like the iPhone. You can utilize the Android operating system of customizability to install some special software, so as to get the iPhone icons on the Android device. And then, your Android devices will have your wanted iOS look and feel.

Below are the two tips you can try to get iPhone icons for Android easily.

Part 1. Get iPhone iCons for Android Using iLauncher
Part 2. Get iPhone iCons on Android Using iPhone iCon Pack for Android

Part 1. Get iPhone iCons for Android Using iLauncher

The first tool you can try to get iPhone icons fro Android is iLauncher, which is an amazing launcher for Android that comes with features, making your Android device's home screen and icons look like an iPhone. You'd better make sure that the iLauncher you will get is the newest version because it can make your Android phone look like the new interface of iOS 7.

Apart from getting iPhone icons for Android, iLauncher also enables you to get zoom-in and zoom-out effects when launching apps, hiding, removing, adding and rearranging apps on the home screen just like you do with iPhone. The following guide will show you how to get iPhone icons for Android:

use ilauncher to get iphone icons for android

Steps to Get iPhone iCons for Android Phone via iLauncher

Step 1: Install and launch iLauncher

First of all, you should download and install iLauncher on your Android device. Launch it and choose new Menu button to open up an iPhone-style configuration page for iLauncher.

Step 2: Settings on iLauncher page

Now, you can go to the setting page of iLauncher to enable iPod mode. After that, smaller icons will be shown. If you want to get a home screen of your Android phone which looks like iPhone 5, you can also enable the fifth row of apps.

Step 3: Get iPhone icons for Android

Once you have finished all the operations above, you can enjoy iPhone-liked home and search screen on your Android device now.

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Part 2. Get iPhone iCons on Android Using iPhone iCon Pack for Android

If you don't like to use iLauncher, you can change to use another tool - iPhone icon pack for Android, to help you get iPhone icon for Android device. It can give you an iOS-style look on your Android device without affecting the running speed of the device. Follow the steps in the below to use iPhone icon pack for Android to get iPhone icons on Android phone.

get iphone icons on android

Step 1: Download and install the software on your Android device

In the beginning, you need to download and install the iPhone icon pack for Android software on your Android device. Please note the software will cost you around $0.92.

Step 2: Start to get iPhone icons for Android phone

Once you have launched the software on your Android phone, you will see an introductory screen pop up, with a button that will take iPhone icons to your Android device. Just give a click on teh button and soon, your Android phone will look like an iPhone.

Additional Tips: How to Get iPhone Data on Your Android Device?

If you want to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new Android device, I think you won't miss the Phone to Phone Transfer, which can transfer all the data from your iPhone X/8/7/6 to Android phone, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, SONY, HUAWEI, ZTE, etc. in just one click. It supports to transfer all file types, such as Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Calendar, Photos, Videos, Music, Apps, Documents, etc. between Android and iOS, Android and Symbian, iOS and Symbian, Android and BlackBerry, iOS and BlackBerry and more.

Steps to use Phone to Phone Transfer to get iPhone data on Android

Step 1. Install and launch the Phone Transfer on your computer. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" option from the primary interface of the program. Use two USB cables to connect your iPhone and Android phones to your desktop.

iphone to android transfer

Step 2: Select the files that you want to transfer and click "Start Transfer" button to initiate the data transfer from iPhone to Android. There will be a progress bar appears to show you how much data has been transferred.

transfer iphone data to android

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