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How to Get A Refund from Google Play

People prefer to download apps from Google Play and concern about how to get a refund from Google Play because their purchased apps are not always meeting their anticipation. Android users can initiate a refund request and ask the money back. Google Play Store provides a two-hour no-questions-asked refund period, which means you can ask for a refund for your purchased app without any reason in 2 hours. That's to say, it's better to hurry up if you want to refund on Google Play.

This article provides you two methods to refund an app on Google Play:

Way 1: Refund An App on Google Play within 2 Hours

Way 2: Refund An App on Google Play over 2 Hours

Way 1: Refund An App on Google Play within 2 Hours

It is the easiest way to get a refund for your app purchased from Google Play. If you refund the app that you don't want after buying it within 2 hours, Google Play will be agree with your request and return the money to you instantly. However, if you fail to receive the refund,you can do as followings:

Step 1. Open Google Play on your Android device, choose the menu button and go to "My account".

google play refund

Step 2. Scroll down the pay until you see the option of "My orders". Highlight it and browse for the app that you want to refund. You can see a "Refund" button after buying the app within 2 hours. Tap the "Refund" button and Google Play will return the money to you, and the same time, the app will be automatically uninstalled from your Android device.

refund on google play

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Way 2: Refund An App on Google Play over 2 Hours

For whatever reasons, you want to refund the app you don't need any more after 2 hours. How to do that? Well, you can initiate a refund request for an app over 2 hours, even though the process is a little bit tricky. Just follow the steps in the below:

Step 1: Open Google Play on your Android phone and follow the step 1 in the above way 1 to search for the apps you want to refund. Then, you can get the contact information for the app developer on a page like the following:

ask refund on google play

Step 2: Now, you can send an email to the developer or call them directly. However, whether they allow for your refund up to their own decisions. So, make sure you have enough reasonable grounds for doing so.

Note: If you get no response from the app developer, you can still contact Google for help. You can go to the Google Play help website, navigate to the right top of the page to choose "Contact Us", then, select "Android apps & games" and get started with hitting the "Request a refund" option. After that, you can contact Google by phone, text chat or email.

get refund from google play

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