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How to Backup and Restore LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3 Data?

We have many articles talking about how to back up special data types, such as contacts, SMS, photos, apps and so forth. But what if we need to backup entire phone and restore the whole backup file to your phone? In this article, we are going to tell you how to backup and restore LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3 Android phone with different approaches.

Part 1: Why We Need to Backup and Restore LG Phones
Part 2: How to Backup and Restore LG to/from Google Backup
Part 3: How to Backup & Restore LG Smartphone Data with LG Cloud
Part 4: The Best Way to Backup and Restore LG G5/G4/G3 with 1 Click

Part 1: Why We Need to Backup and Restore LG Phones

If you are an LG phone user, your LG phone is your everything I can say it is your heart. You do everything on this device and you can't live the same without your LG phone. So if someday you lost or broke your LG phone, then your heart would break because you have to face the danger of losing everything you have stored on the phone, including your important and private photos, emails, contacts, messages, videos, call logs, etc. and many more important stuff.

Compared to iOS, Android software is infinitely more customizable and flexible. This means you can do more to personalize your LG G3, G4, G5, G6 or G7 than you could an iPhone. All that customized, personalized data should not only be saved on your phone, especially if you want to upgrade to a newer LG G7 or want to restore one that has had its data deleted. All those customizations and platform-specific apps may not be available in the same format or even exist two years from now.

Google Play's apps are infinitely more diverse than the App store, but the transitory nature of this online marketplace means that apps that you used to customize your LG launcher or wallpaper may no longer be sold there. You need to back-up this data so it will always be accessible to you whether or not it's still available to the public.

backup and restore lg

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Part 2: How to Backup and Restore LG to/from Google Backup

To backup LG phone to Google and restore from Google backup, you should make sure you have enabled the backup service on your LG device.

Enable Backup Service on your LG phone:

Step 1. Go to the home screen of your LG phone and tap the settings > Backup & reset > Back up my data and toggle it on.

Step 2. Select "Back" and go back to choose the "Backup & reset" option.

Step 3. Make sure your Google account is associated in Backup account. Then, toggle "Automatic restore" on so that you can restore settings and data when installing an app.

backup lg to google drive

After the operations above, your settings and app data will automatically be backed up to Google Drive. Next time when you want to restore the backup record to your new phone, you can refer to the steps in the below:

How to Restore LG G5/G4/G3 from Google Backup:

Step 1. On your new LG phone, log in to your Google account and there will be a list of all your previous devices that you have used.

Step 2. Just select the device you want to restore from and you will see how many apps you can restore. Just click "Restore" option to restore all the app data to your new LG phone.

restore lg from google

Part 3: How to Backup & Restore LG Smartphone Data with LG Cloud

You can also backup and restore most LG data using LG Cloud, including photos, contacts, app data, bookmarks, calendars and more.

How to Back Up LG Data to LG Cloud

1. Go to "Settings" on your LG phone and choose the option of "Backup & Restore".

2. Choose the options one after another: "Backup" > "Back up & restore" > "Back up data".

3. Then, you will have two choices, back up data to LG Cloud or back up data to internal storage. Here, we suggest you to back up your LG data to LG Cloud because it is much safer than internal storage.

4. Finally, you can click on "Start" button to start the LG phone data backup to LG Cloud, including photos, videos, music, apps, etc.

backup lg to lg cloud

How to Restore LG Data from LG Cloud

1. Go to "Settings" on your LG phone and choose the option of "General" > "Backup & Reset".

2. Move to the lower section to choose the option of "Restore from backup".

3. If you want, you can tap the down-side arrow to select the items you want to restore. After selection, choose "Next" > "OK" to confirm the restore from LG backup file.

4. After the restoration, you can click "Done" to restart your LG phone.

restore lg data from lg cloud

Part 4: Best Way to Backup and Restore LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3 with One-Click

The best way to back-up and restore data on Android phones like the LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3 is to use third-party software you launch on your desktop or laptop computer to connect and upload/back-up your phone data onto it. Coolmuster Android Assistant (for all Windows versions) or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac (for all Mac versions) is the perfect Android backup and restorative third-party software on the market today.

Main Features of Android Assistant:

It can enable you to export videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, apps, text messages or any other kind of mobile data from any Android phone or tablet to any PC or Mac computer. This not only will free up space on your LG G5/G4/G3 for for new apps and personal data, but it will also restore any Android phone data from this same saved backup file with a simple click. It also gives you the ability to add new contacts, delete old or expired contacts, edit existing contacts and duplicate contacts from this same computer easily.

The best part is that Android Assistant is so easy to use. To backup or restore data on your LG G5/G4/G3 phone using the handy Android managing tool, you should first download the software from the following button onto your computer. Next, follow the guide in the below to see how to use it to backup and restore data on LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3.

How to Backup and Restore Your LG Phone with 1 Click by Using Android Assistant?

Following is the detailed guide on how to use Android Assistant to backup and restore your LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3:

Step 1. Connect your LG phone with your computer

Launch Android Assistant while you have your smartphone connected to your computer via USB cable. A screen will pop up with all the data categories of your smartphone on the left hand side column and an icon for your smartphone in the middle. (You may have to open USB debugging on LG phone before Android Assistant can open and read all your phone data)

connect lg phone to computer

After detected by the program, the program will show your LG phone in its screen:

launch lg backup and restore software

Step 2: Backup your LG phone data selectively

Go to "Super Toolkit" on the top and choose the option of "Backup". Then you'll see an interface with all the different data categories listed here. Click the boxes next to the file types you want to backup and click on the "Backup" button to back them up on your computer.

backup lg data

Step 3. Restore backup data to LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3

Next time if you want to restore the backup data to your LG G5/G4/G3 or other Android phones, you can connect your Android phone to the same computer, launch the Android Assistant, and click the button of "Super Toolkit" > "Restore" to sync the backup record to your Android phone.

restore data to lg

Which is Your Best Choice:

After learning the above methods, I believe that you can easily complete the data backup work of LG mobile phone. You can also restore LG's backup data with one click without losing data. All in all, if you want to save more time in LG data management, as well as backup and restore, then the above LG backup and management software - Android Assistant is definitely your best choice. Just download it and give it a try!

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