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4 Ways to Transfer Contacts Between LG and iPhone

When it comes to switching from a LG phone to a new iPhone XS/XS Max, one of the most primary concerns is how to swap contacts between LG and iPhone. Some suggest extracting the contacts from the LG phone, save them on the computer and then transfer them to the new iPhone. However, it seems impossible because iPhone and LG phone are running with different OS, the former is iOS and the latter is Android. When you export contacts from your LG phone, they will be saved in a format which is incompatible to import into the iPhone.

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Next, we would like to introduce several solutions to help you swap contacts between LG phone (LG G7/G6/G5/G4/G3) and iPhone (iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/6/6S).

Solution 1: Swap Contacts between LG and iPhone with One-click
Solution 2: Transfer Contacts from iCloud Account to Google Account
Solution 3: Copy Contacts from iPhone to LG Phone via iTunes
Solution 4: Transfer iPhone Contacts to LG Handset with Google Account

Solution 1: Swap Contacts between LG and iPhone with One-click

Being this predicament, it's time to try an efficient and reliable third-party phone data transfer to help you get out of the trouble. It's called Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, giving you the chance to transfer LG phone data to iPhone, and copy data from iPhone to LG with one click only. Contacts kept in LG internal memory card or SIM card can be easily copied to the iPhone with all contact information like name, phone numbers, emails, address, job titles, etc. perfectly preserved during the transference. Zero quality would be lost.

This LG to iPhone Transfer not only transfer contacts, but also copy text messages, call history, apps, photos, music and videos from iPhone to LG phone without any trouble.  What's more, besides iOS to Android transfer, it also supports Android to iOS, iOS to iOS and Android to Android transfer. Therefore, you can use this tool to transfer data from LG to LG easily.

Now, check the simple but detailed guide below to transfer your contacts between LG and iPhone. Before that, please download the full-featured mobile transfer software on the computer to get ready. Here, we will set the Windows version as an example.


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How to swap contacts between LG phone and iPhone by using this Coolmuster Mobile Transfer? If you want to know the answer, just keep on reading.

Step 1. Run the mobile transfer tool on your PC

Suppose you have downloaded the LG to iPhone Transfer - Mobile Transfer on your computer, install and launch it to show the primary window on the PC screen. You will be asked to plug your two phones into the computer.

lg to iphone contacts transfer

Step 2: Connect your LG and iPhone to the computer

Then, connect both the LG phone and iPhone to this computer via two USB cables. Once the connection is successful, this phone transfer will detect them soon and show them in the places of "Source" and "Destination". You can freely change their positions by clicking the "Flip" button. Data in the Phone on the "Source" position will be copied to the "Destination", and vice versa.

transfer contacts from lg to iphone

Step 3. Start to transfer contacts between LG & iPhone

This program will acquiescently move all data, including music, videos, text messages, contacts and photos between the two phones. To export contacts only, you should uncheck any other files except "Contacts". Then, click "Start Copy" to let this phone data transfer tool begin transferring contacts from LG to iPhone or from iPhone to LG.

swap contacts between lg and iphone

Make sure that the two phones are connected well during the whole transfer process. After the transfer finishes, you can eject the two devices, check the exported contacts in the phone and use them as usual.

Solution 2: Transfer Contacts from iCloud Account to Google Account

As long as you have a computer a laptop, you can proceed to complete the contacts transfer from iPhone to LG by using iCloud and Google accounts.

Step 1. Go to Setting app on your iPhone and sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Turn on the option of "Contacts" and merge the contacts with iCloud.

Step 3. Visit iCloud website on your computer and click "Contacts" tab so that you can see all the contacts you have synced.

Step 4. Go to the bottom left to click the gear liked icon and choose "Export vCard". Then, all the contacts will be saved as VCF file and exported to your computer.

Step 5. Now, visit Google Contacts website on the computer and sign in with your account information. Find the "More" option, click it and then choose "Import" button from the drop-down menu.

Step 6. Browse and select the exported VCF file and import it into your Google Contacts. When you sign in with the same Google account on your LG device, you will find all the iPhone contacts are brought to your LG phone.

copy contacts from iphone to lg

Solution 3: Copy Contacts from iPhone to LG Phone via iTunes

iTunes also can do a favor when you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to LG phone.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and click the icon of your iPhone on the top left column.

Step 2. Tap on the "Info" tab on the summary page and tick off the options of "Sync Contacts with" > Google Contacts.

Step 3. Finally, tap on the "Sync" button on the bottom right and your Google account will be loaded with the contacts from iPhone.

Step 4. Now, you can have the contacts transferred to LG phone when you sign into Google account on the LG device.

transfer contacts from iphone to lg via itunes

Solution 4: Transfer iPhone Contacts to LG Handset with Google Account

You can also use Google account only to swap contacts between LG phone and iPhone without using a USB cable.

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone, go to "Settings" > "Accounts & Passwords" / "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

Step 2. Click on the "Add Account" option and choose Gmail. Sign in with your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, just create one.

Step 3. After above steps, enable Contacts option and the all the contacts on the iPhone will be synced to your Gmail account.

Step 4. Now, you can open your LG phone which is associated with Gmail account, and all the contacts will be loaded to this phone.

sync contacts with google account

Which Way is the Best?

For those longtime iPhone or Android users, they may want to switch to a new Android device or iPhone. In summary of the four methods described above, no doubt the one-click Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the most convenient and safest one. With Mobile Transfer at hand, you're able to transfer all your personal important data in the old device to your new phone and get started with it quickly. It not only supports files transfer between iPhone and Android devices, but also supports files transfer between iPhone and iPhone, between Android and Android.

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