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Transfer Data after You Switch from iPhone 8/X to Samsung Galaxy

Are you a person like me who had been using Apple iPhone for a long time? I have become a loyal user for iPhone since 2007. It's the only smartphones I've ever owned and generally speaking I am very satisfied with it. However, I'm getting pretty envious of Android users and want to experience their larger screens. Thus, I made the switch from iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S4 a few days ago and enthuse about the new phone. However, the following is a headache about how to transfer all my important files from the old iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy phone. I believe you will have the same question if you are also new to the Samsung phone after giving away your iPhone. Don't worry. In the following part, I will share you with my solution to mae your iPhone to Samsung data transition much easily and quickly.

I searched methods on Internet for a long time and finally I chosed the iPhone to Samsung Transfer. It is able to copy iPhone contacts, text messages, call history, videos, music, photos and many more from iPhone 8/X/7/6/5S/5/4S to Samsung Galaxy S/Note phone on Windows or Mac computer with 1 click., and it is also fully compatible with all iPhone and Samsung phone series, including Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3 & Galaxy Note 3, etc. You can also use it to transfer files among Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian.

Under the help of iPhone to Samsung Transfer, by connecting two kinds of mobile phones to the computer, data transferring can be delivered freely and quickly. Even renewed mobile is in lock status, all materials in the both mobile phones can be transferred as usual. The program is actually pure green software and it will not damage or rewrite your device or system. Free download the iPhone to Samsung Data Transfer from the following button and take a glimpse below:

1-click to Move iPhone Files to Samsung Galaxy/Note after Making the Switch

Step 1. Install and run iPhone to Samsung Transfer

Once the iPhone to Samsung data transfer software is installed and launched on your computer, you will see its primary window popping up on your computer desktop. Choose Phone to Phone Transfer to enter the phone transfer interface. To transfer things from or to iPhone, you need to install iTunes on your computer.

iphone to samsung data transfer

Step 2: Connect both of your Samsung phone and iPhone to PC

Make your Samsung mobile phone and iPhone connected to the computer simultaneously with 2 USB cables. Then the Transfer will detect the two devices and display them. You need to ensure your iPhone is shown as "Source" and Samsung Galaxy phone as "Destination". If not, you can click the "Flip" button to switch their places.

transfer data from iphone to samsung

Step 3. Export everything from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

All materials, such as call logs, music, videos, contacts, SMS and photos can be transferred from iPhone to Samsung easily. You just need to mark the file types you want and click "Start Transfer" to do the data transferring job.

switch iphone to samsung

Above is the easiest and fastest way I have ever found in switching data from iPhone to Samsung. Of course, transferring from Samsung to iPhone is also available by using this software. Can't wait to try it out by yourself? Why not try the free trial version now?

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