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How to Transfer Files from iPod to External Hard Drive

Most iPod users have a lot of files saved in the iPods. The files range from contacts, messages, notes, photos, music, TV shows, audiobooks, video, and playlists among others. All of them are used in our day to day life and none should be lost. For this reason, there is the need to have a backup of the files to the external hard drive.

Why Need To Transfer Files from iPod to External Hard Drive

Files transfer has become so popular but it is done with a reason. The following may be the possible reasons;

• iPods have a lot of important files, some of them are official and we cannot afford to lose them. When this is the case, we should transfer the files to the external hard disc for a backup.
• When your iPod needs to be repaired there is the need for file transfer. The breakage may be minor but you may not be sure if you will retrieve the files after the repair.
• When we want to share some files with friends. These may include movies, music or other apps.
• When we want to view the files from a bigger screen, the files are transferred to the external hard disc which is then connected to the PC via USB cable.
• For convenience, the external hard disc can be carried to any place without the fear of losing it.
• For a formal set up, this may be a project presentation and you need to give a soft copy to the supervisors.

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Problems we may encounter when backing up iPod files to the external hard drive

There are a number of challenges that we may encounter when transferring files. Some of the challenges may hinder the transfer process completely while others can be solved easily. Some of the problems may include;

• The external hard drive may not be having adequate memory to allow the complete transfer of iPod files.
• There is a need for a clear connection between the two devices. This may be a challenge if you do not have a suitable USB cable to facilitate the transfer.
• The external hard drive may be having some virus which may be transferred causing some files to disappear.
• Some external hard drives may not be compatible with the iPod. This hinders the transfer process completely.

Easy Way to Backup iPod Files to External Hard Drive

Despite all the above challenges, iPod file transfer has been made easier. You no longer have to panic over data loss as you can comfortably back up your iPod files using the Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac) program. The program helps you to intelligently transfer your files from the iPod to the PC. This may include all the files both in the internal and the external memory. The program is compatible with all the iOS devices and this enables the users to have a fantastic way of managing the files in the computer other than the portable devices like iPods. The program allows you to have a different mode of viewing the files as well as easy identification of the transferred files if need be.

Simple steps to use this software;

• Ensure that you have connected your iPod to the PC using the USB cable.
• Double click on the installed software to launch it. Then your iPod will be detected immediately and the main interface of its content displayed.
• Preview the files as displayed in their different folders in the left panel of the main interface.
• Click on the all the files and select the ones you want to backup.
• Tap on "export" and specify the external hard drive as the output location. After the backup is complete a pop-up window will appear to show that the process is complete.

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