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How to Sync Text Messages to iCloud

Text messages have become so common and almost an obvious way of communication among individuals. Most institutions have embraced this mode of communication for their official communication. When text messages are so common, there is a need to backup your text messages to iCloud.

Why Need to Backup Text Messages to iCloud?

There are reasons that will make you back up your text messages to iCloud. Some of the possible reasons may include;

• When you want to have a backup of those text messages. This may be official text messages and would hate losing them.
• When we want to use the text messages for future reference. This is a sure way that we will still access them even if we lost the phone.
• When we need to take the iDevice for repair and we fear we may lose the text messages during the repair.
• When we want to resell the iDevice. The backup will help us restore the text messages to our newly acquired device.
• When we want to access our text messages from other devices. This is made easier when we have a backup of the same to iCloud as we just need to use the iCloud ID and view them from other convenient devices.

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User Guide: How to Sync Text Messages to iCloud

Despite the many reasons, there is a need to have the knowledge on how to back up text messages to iPhone as this is the only way to meet the need. The following steps will guide you through the most common way to backup text messages to iCloud.

• Ensure that your iPod/iPhone/iPad is connected to Wi-Fi network.

• Turn on your iCloud backup. For the iOS 8 or later version, you tap on Settings and click on iCloud then back up. For the earlier versions, you tap on Setting, click on iCloud then storage and backup.

• Tap on "backup now" to transfer text messages to iCloud.

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In using iCloud to backup text messages, you have to know that iCloud only offers you 5GB of free storage space. Also, stable Wifi is a necessity. So why not get an alternative way? This Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows/Mac) is a program that meets all your iPhone/ iPad and iPod backup needs. The program helps you to intelligently transfer data from your iDevice to the PC. You are able to transfer the contacts, notes, TV shows, text messages and other media. The program is fully compatible with all the generations of iOS devices whether latest or an earlier version. This gives the iDevice users a fantastic way to manage iOS data on their computer instead of the portable devices.

Step-by-step guide to use this software

• Make sure that you have connected your iPod, iPad or iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
• Double click on the installed software to launch it. Then it will automatically detect your device and display the main interface of your device.
• Preview the files as displayed in their different folders in the left panel of the main interface. This includes the text messages and other media.
• Click on the text messages folder to mark the text messages you want to backup.
• Click on "export" and after the backup is complete a pop-up window will appear to show that the process is complete.

Why Should You Use Coolmuster iOS to Computer Transfer (Windows/Mac)?

There are many reasons as to why the second way to backup your text messages is the best for you.
• The program allows you to view the files in different modes either the thumbnail or the list view mode.
• You can transfer a large number of text messages to your computer with a single click and trace them when you want.
• The program comes with a free lifetime upgrade.
• It is easy to use for both the beginners and the professionals.

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