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Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS Beta

On stage at WWDC 2015, Apple announced the expected and confirmed the next version of iOS. It is no denying that the latest version will bring significant improvement and changes to the iPhone and iPad market. The iOS 9 beta was released for developers ahead of the public iOS 9. However, iOS lovers are eager to have a try with iOS 9 beta, which leads to many unexpected issues on their iOS devices.

The iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad, which is going to be released in fall, has kidnap users' attention from all over the world. Therefore, we have the reason to believe that iOS 9 owns new and unique features which beyond the old version. iOS 9 beta has been announced in early summer, however, this new beta version still have some problems when running on iOS device.

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Before downloading and installing the iOS 9 beta, there is something that testers need to keep in mind. While the iOS 9 beta might be tempting, there are some potential problems existing. Thus, you must know more about the inferior conditions of iOS 9 beta in this article. In this passage, I will list seven reasons to let you know why you should not install iOS 9 beta. Please read carefully and get more understanding about iOS 9 beta.

Top Reasons to Avoid Installing iOS 9 Beta

1. Apps Compatibility Issues

Just think of the old version iOS 8, it’s reported that some issues come up with some third-party apps such as WhatsApp according to reliable statistic. No one can predict that the same situation happen again with the iOS 9 too, and it is no use to blaming developers after encountering this situation because they need to make their apps compatible to iOS 9 until the final version released. Before that, users can not change the fact that during using iOS device encounter issues with the iOS 9 beta.

2. Bugs issues

After using iOS 9 beta versions, users are all known that it’s filled with bugs and cause many system crash and restart problem. If you have to stop phone calling in the middle and sending message with problem, I think you can not bear it as the majority of users. Don’t you think it is a serious if you are having an important video meeting? The reason why I stop you from installing this version is that it is just for developers to find and fix the bugs, and then help release the official iOS 9.

3. The Downgrading Issues

If you want to downgrade iOS 9 beta back to iOS 8.3, you may take the risk of losing data from iOS 9 beta. Because the backup that you took with iOS 9 that can not be compatible with iOS 8.3 will lead to data loss at last. If you have tried this process, you must be warned by Apple that downgrading won’t be possible.

4. NO Jailbreak

You should pay more attention to your device if it's jailbroken, because the jailbreak will be lost after upgrading to iOS 9 beta. It will bring many unexpected problems for a long time. Besides, you can only jailbreak iOS 9 after the public version is released or hackers release a jailbreak for the final version.

5. No Support

Not as the developer who use spare device to test this version, we use our primary device and may encounter some issues, then we have to wait for a developer fix or the next beta version to resolve this situation, as Apple always warns you that betas are full of bugs and issues. I will not recommend you to install iOS 9 beta.

6. Lack of Optimization

As a matter of fact, the beta versions of iOS 9 will not be optimized completely. The bugs and issues can influence the performance of the device and can cause it to crash many times. It's not good for management.

7. Over-Expectations

People always expect the new product will be improved and think it must better than the old ones. With new features, iOS 9 beta has appeal much loyal users, but do remember that not all the apps can run with it and the developers will need to work it out for the final versions.

Specific situation you are likely to face:
If you only own one device, what is likely to be happen after updating to iOS 9? The developers use spare devices to test the iOS 9 beta, and you use your only one iPhone or iPad to try the new unstable version. If you run your device luckily without any error then you have no need to worry too much. However, every advantage has its disadvantage. Beta soft actually is an unfinished piece of version and therefore it has the potential to damage your device. If you just own one device and don’t want to encounter the above situation, then I sincerely suggest you not to install iOS 9 beta.

Moreover, it is universally acknowledged that the beta version has service life, if you are planning a trip this holiday and you forget to update the latest version of this beta, then you will get into troubles during holiday. In details, you device will temporarily become bricked until you have time to connect to a computer and download the new version of iOS 9 beta. What’s worse, once the software is getting available, you have to download and restore your device which will be a slow process making people annoyed. In this extreme case, it makes your life much more inconvenience.

Last but not least, iOS 9 beta may break your Apps. That’s why Apple releases this version to developers ahead of the public release. If you install the iOS 9 beta, you are taking the risk of system crash or general instability. Although iOS system has been developed for years but we still meet the situation that Apps broken on iPhone or iPad, which leads to many complaints from loyal users. Seeing that you might decide to think about skipping the iOS 9 beta now.

In a word, to help you avoid the above situation, we will not recommend you to try the iOS 9 beta. If you are really looking forward to experiencing bug-free and perfect performance iOS 9 version, do nothing but just be patient for the public release in fall.


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