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How to Stop iPhone from Randomly Vibrating

There comes a time when we don't need disturbances from anybody or anything; even if it means our precious iPhone. iPhone can be a put off especially if it vibrates randomly. It may even be worse if you are a first time user and you do not know how to stop the vibrations or change the settings. Worst of it is when the vibration occurs when you have placed your phone on an echoing surface. It is disturbing and irritating especially if it happens in a meeting, in the office while handling a client, in a lecture hall or anywhere else while you are handling some serious task or relaxing.

Why Could iPhone Randomly Vibrates:

Providing a solution to any problem requires you to have clear information on all the possible causes. For you to handle these irritating vibrations, you need to be sure of the reasons behind them. With that knowledge, you will be in a position to provide a lasting solution. The following are the possible reasons:

• Mail notification. Despite the fact that you may have turned off mail notifications, you might have misused the vibration setting. Per chance, you turned off the sound mail notification and did not select "none" instead you selected vibration. This way, any time you have a mail, your iPhone will always vibrate.

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• While still on the settings, you may have set that when the sound is mute, you should have it vibrating to notify you of any calls, messages or app updates.

• You may have installed some apps that tamper with the iPhone sound settings.

• When your iPhone gets into contact with some water or any liquid, it may react by vibrating.

• If the random vibration occurs when your iPhone is charging, then the issue can only be attributed to the USB cable or the charger.

How to Stop an iPhone from Randomly Vibrating

The solution is so dependent on the causes. In this case, we may not have a universal solution as this may not be practical to all the cases above.

• Turn vibration off. This is done by tapping on the sound settings from your home screen. Disable "vibrate on silence" feature. You can even go to the general accessibility section and turn off the vibration options.

• Check on the mail notification. Go to settings and tap on the notification centre the mail option. Click on your mail accounts, select alerts and make sure you tap "none". Repeat the same for all your mail accounts in the iphone. If you skipped any of the accounts, you would still have the vibration.

• Check on your USB cable and the charger. They may be damaged and therefore disconnects while charging. Test the same USB with a different iPhone and see if the same would happen. Try another USB with your iPhone and if it proves that the cable or the chager is the problem you can change it.

• Dry your iPhone. If the vibrations started after your phone got into contact with water, dry it and see if it would work.

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• Switch off the iPhone. If you are not sure of the reasons behind the vibration, you may drain off the charge or switch off the iPhone so as to have an easy time. You may opt to place it on a padded surface if you don't want to switch off and let it vibrate until it drains off.

• Reboot your iPhone. You can reboot you iphone. This is done by pressing power and home at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

Finally, if you are not sure of the reasons behind the vibration s, you may not be sure of the path to follow. Just hand over your iphone to the Apple professional for repair.

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