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How to Transfer SMS Messages from iPhone to Mac Computer

In such a time when SMS are widely used, it is so obvious that you cannot miss them in your iPhone. People are using them as notifications for official meetings, business transactions and for socializing purposes. They are by far the widely used form of communication. Having used SMS for quite some time, there is a need for you to know how to transfer SMS messages from iPhone to Mac as well as some of the instances when you will need to conduct the transfer and the means data transfer applicable.

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When Do You Need to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Mac?

It is not all the SMS messages that you need to transfer, the following are some of the occasions when you need to transfer SMS from iPhone to Mac

• When the SMS was sent for official reasons. The SMS messages may not be safe on your iPhone as you may have them deleted any time without your consent. For this reasons, you should have them saved on your Mac as a backup.
• When need to send the bulk SMS messages. This may require you to transfer the message to your Mac so that you can add the contacts of the intended recipients.
• When you need to attach the message to other documents which are saved on your Mac.
• When the iPhone has technical problems and you are unable to read the SMS, you may have them on your Mac for easy viewing.
• When you want to sell or give out the iPhone and some of the SMS will be used as a point of the reference in the future, then you will have to transfer them.

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Although there is need to transfer the SMS from iPhone to Mac, the process comes with a lot of challenges. Some may be solved while others hinder the transfer process. The following are the possible problems.

• The direct transfer of SMS to Mac does not allow you to have a selective transfer; this makes you have all the SMS transferred even those that you do not need.
• There may be a problem with the settings which disallows the transfer.
• The devices may not be compatible depending on the method of transfer you use.
• You may be having issues with the storage space where Mac cannot hold all the SMS messages you wished to transfer.

Quick Fix: How to Easily Transfer SMS from iPhone to Mac

Coolmuster iOS Assistant for Mac software is the best method to carry out your transfer process. This software allows you to transfer all files from your iPhone to Mac. This may include the SMS, music, and photos. This allows you to manage the iDevice files on Mac directly. The software has a filter and quick search tools which allow you to locate your files. This is easy to use software which allows both the transfer and data recovery.

(Note: If you are a PC user, here is also a Windows version for you!)

How to Use it to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Mac

1. Ensure you have the application in your Mac and launch it after connecting the iPhone to Mac using the USB cable.

2. The application will detect the iPhone and display all the information in the main interface. This includes music, movies, SMS among other files.

sync iphone calendar with mac

3. Have a preview of the files before transferring them. This allows you to select the SMS messages you want to transfer.

4. Mark all the SMS and after confirming that that is all you need you can click on Export.

sync iphone calendar with mac

5. A dialog box will be displayed asking you to select the location and a pop window will show that the transfer is complete.

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