Coolmuster Image Modifier: Edit & Convert Your Pictures/Photos

Coolmuster Image Modifier

A Simple WYSIWYG Image Editor Makes Pics Editing Accessible to Anyone.

Image Modifier features with all the basic editing abilities to let you apply some special effects, make intermediate changes and edits to your pictures and photos without any specialized knowledge.

  • Carry out batch conversion between different image formats.
  • Adjust color/hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, DPI and other image attributes.
  • Rotate and resize pictures according to proportion or set values.
  • Add borders to photos and customize watermark appearance.
Supported OS:

  • I love the simple and clear toolbar displays options allowing me to find what I'm looking for without any difficulty. It is enough me to do a basic photo editing job with several image adjustment tools for a variety of options.- Reviewed by Yvonne


Non-destructive Editing Allows Easy Photo Modifications

If you have basic needs in photos and images editing with the minimum of fuss and ease of use, never paying high costs on Adobe Photoshop that always does more than we really need to care to do. Coolmuster Image Modifier just handles every image editing task you’d like to have.

Adjust image attributes like color, saturation, quality, brightness, contrast, DPI, etc;

Real-time rotate the images to arbitrary angle, clockwise, counterclockwise, and even allow you to input special angle value.

Resize your images according to the proportion or set of values, without distorting key features using the liquid resize effect.

Apply Polished Effect for Quick Image Enhancements

Add extra picture effect, no matter deep or lively or artistic, can make you originally mundane pictures become more attractive. Coolmuster Image Modifier is such a powerful but simple solution for those that need to optimize their photos with professional results.

Automatically add Predefined frames and borders around your photographs, and trim fuzzy edges or annoying objects.

Add English text and image watermarks to your pictures. You are allowed to set size, customize the transparency and back color for the text and images.

Batch Convert Images in Different Formats

We know images are coming with different formats, and we also know that different platforms support particular image format. That requires us to convert the image format from one to another. Image Modifier wins the hearts of most users because it not only provides you with practical image editing functions, but also considerate image converting ability.

Image Modifier supports importing and exporting several popular image formats, such as BMP, WBMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, PSD, ICO, PCX, TGA, JP2, PDF and more.

In addition to common image conversion, it is also fully capable of rare transforming between ICO transparent color and GIF dynamic images.

Most fluid and Fastest Image Controls

Coolmuster Image Modifier comes with a plain interface, along with a large editing window with all the photo editing options easily accessible. From the clear toolbar displays, it is never cluttered or hard to find what you want.

A 100% safe and standalone software with powerful compatibility on any platform. No spyware, malware, virus included.

The program offers you with step-by-step Setup Wizard and user guide. But It's so easy to use that most won't even need to crack open the Help file to use it.

More Features

Compatible with Windows 8

Fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, etc.

No Technical Skill Required

No require of any technical skills for both beginners and experts.

FREE Customer Support

Provide with guidance and technical support free by sending us your queries with email.


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