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How to Delete Photos from iPhone 6S Plus/6S/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/3GS?

Technology has led to the innovation of smart devices that have made life easier for many individuals around the world. Today these smart devices have made sharing of content such as photos and videos to be easier. Smartphones have enabled people to capture different moments in form of still photos and videos as well. Most smartphones are fitted with limited storage but some are designed with expansion slots that allow the owner to purchase additional storage cards.

Below is why iPhone users delete photos from the iPhone.

1. To create more storage space
iPhones are fitted with storage capacity that ranges from 32 GB to 64GB. While 32GB or 64GB may seem great for a smartphone, there are other files that occupy majority of the storage capacity. iOS upgrades, apps, music, videos and email attachments are some of the files that get to occupy a large percentage of the available storage space. iPhone users erase pictures on their iPhone in order to create space for saving more pictures and apps among other files.

2. Selling your iPhone
Each new version of iPhone sold in the market comes fitted with new features such as a larger screen, better design and more creative apps. This usually leads to old iPhone users selling their old models in order to purchase the current one available. The users get to delete their photos and other files from their iPhone so that the new user gets to have a phone with no personal files of the previous owner.

3. Erase unwanted photos
As one captures photos from different locations under different lighting conditions and mood, some photos may not appear or compare to the quality you wanted. These photos fall under the category of unwanted photos. Erasing unwanted photos is another reason why iPhone users delete photos.

What is Coolmuster iPhone Data Eraser?

Coolmuster iOS Eraser or iOS Eraser for Mac is a iOS data erasing tool that helps users to erase their private data from their iPhone. Private data includes text messages, contacts, videos, account information, passwords and photos among others. The software is designed to erase pictures on iPhone permanently therefore ensuring that the information and data cannot be recovered. The software is designed to work with all generations of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod.

Now, please get the free demo version of the iPhone Data Eraser downloaded on your Windows or Mac computer. The following guide is based on Windows version, but Mac users can also refer to it to delete iPhone photos on Mac.

Tutorial on Deleting All iPhone Photos/Pictures Permanently

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the PC

Start by running the software first then proceed by connecting your iPhone to your PC via the Apple iPhone cable. The software will detect your device and if it does not, eject the cable and connect again.

Tips: Coolmuster iOS Eraser is compatible with all iPhone models, including iPhone 6S Plus/6S/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/3GS.

iphone data erasing screenshot

Step 2. Choose erasing option

The software provides three levels of erasing data. Level One is the quick erase option, Level Two which is the default option, leaves no traceability of deleted information and Level Three is the secured option. Level One and Two are perfect for beginners while Level Three is for advanced users.

start to erase iphone data

Step 3. Erase photos from iPhone

Once you have chosen the option you want, you can select the pictures you want to erase from your iPhone. Then, click on Erase and let the software perform the operation. Once it has completed by following the instructions, finally you can disconnect your iPhone from the PC.

start to erase iphone data

It is important to remember to back up any important information you don't want delete if you are intending to sell your erased old iPhone. Here is an article about how to backup iPhone data. Hope it can help you!

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