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How to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode

Cases have been reported of people who leave their iPhones only to find them stuck in the recovery mode. In some cases, the iPhone is stuck when you open certain apps. This means you cannot have access to your files and you cannot carry out the other functions with your iPhone. In such a point, you need to have a way out and fix the iPhone. This article will equip you with the knowledge of the possible causes of your iPhone being stuck in recovery mode, how to fix the iPhone and how to recover the data lost when the iPhone was stuck in recovery mode.

Why your iPhone could be stuck in recovery mode?

There are a number of factors that may cause your iPhone to be stuck in the recovery mode. Some of the reasons may be related to the software while others relate to the hardware. The following are some of the causes:

• When you iPhone 7 plus falls in water, you may not have picked it in good time. This messes up with your iPhone and maybe stuck in recovery mode.
• When your iPhone falls from a lifted ground, you may experience such a problem.
• When the software in your iPhone becomes unresponsive maybe due to the excess files.
• When your iPhone gets a virus which tampers with the content of your iPhone.

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Solution: How to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode

You can get the iPhone out of the recovery mode either through the iTunes or directly. This means you can complete the process with or without a PC. Since most of the causes may not be completely avoided, the following are some of the ways in which you may fix this challenge.

1. Fixing the iPhone using the iTunes

• Update the iTunes into the latest version in your PC.
• Connect your iPhone to the PC and then open the iTunes while holding the home button of your iPhone.
• A pop-up message shows that your iPhone is in recovery mode and should be restored.
• Click on the device from the iTunes window and go to "summary".
• Choose the restore option and restore the iPhone back to the previous settings.

2. Fix the iPhone without a PC

This method demands your patience and keenness least you will lose all your data. The method is the most convenient since you only need to have you iPhone and master the following steps.

• Hold on the home and power button since your iPhone is off.
• Continue holding the two buttons until an apple logo appears and till the iPhone switches off.
• Hold on the two again and release the power after 20 seconds but keep hold of the home button.
• After some time release, the home button and your iPhone will be restored.

Extra Bonus: Recover data from iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode

As we fix the iPhone stuck in the recovery mode, there is still another challenge that arises. This involves the loss of the iPhone data. Some of the recovery methods will automatically lose your data. This is common when you fix the iPhone directly using the home and the power button. Coolmuster iOSRescuer software not only helps you recover the lost files but also back them up. The program conducts a deep scan the iPhone or the iTunes and gives a clear list of the scans. This includes all the files that should be recovered. You should, therefore, have a preview so that you can select all the files you want to backup. You can, therefore, select the location to which the recovered files shall be saved in the PC. This allows you to have a selective kind of recovery.

And using this software is quite easy, you just need to;

- Open the installed software and link iPhone to the computer.

- Enter the right file folder to preview more detailed file information.

- Select the wanted files and hit the Recover option to get them back.

Now, just wait patiently for the process to get completed within a little while.

dead ios device data recovery

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