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One Click to Recover Lost Contacts from iPhone without iTunes Backup

Help! My little sister just tap on the format button on the screen of my iPhone carelessly and now all the files in the device are deleted. But I have already planned to meet my friends tomorrow. Now I have lost all contacts numbers from my iPhone. Is there any possible way to recover the lost contacts from my iPhone? Thanks!

Nowadays, when people want to connect with their friends or families, it is just a matter of taking out your iPhone and clicking on the right number. Things seem to be easier and easier. However, when unexpected accidents such as data losses happened to your iPhone devices, everything then seems to be in a mess. It looks as if you have been cut off the outside world without the access of the contacts you've always kept in touch with. Therefore, you have every valid reason to backup your iPhone files at regular times. In terms of backing up iPhone files, you can choose iTunes or other professional backup assistant. So if unfortunately you lose important files such as contacts from iPhone, you can easily extract the lost files from iTunes backup. The detailed steps are sketched as follows:

Step 1. Get a professional software like Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor and open it on the computer. Then connect your iPhone to the computer and you will see the below interface. Choose the iTunes backup file of your iOS device and Start Scan the files.

Step 2. Then this software will detect and display all file folders on left panel. Enter the "Contacts" tab and choose the files you want to recover from iPhone. Finally click the option of "Recover" to recover files from iPhone. Then just wait for the process to be finished in a few seconds.

Here to Get the Free Trial Versions:

Now, you have successfully extract the lost contacts to your iPhone from iTunes backup. However, the thing is that most people may lose the important files from their iPhone without an iTunes backup. In this case, the software mentioned in the above might not work well. But you can choose other ways to recover iPhone contacts without iTunes backup.

1. Use iPhone Contacts+SMS Recovery
2. Use Coolmuster iOS Data Rescuer

Choice One: Rely on iPhone Contacts+SMS Recovery

In order to smoothly recover the lost contacts from your iPhone if you had no iTunes backup, you will need a professional recovery tool like this Coolmuster iPhone Contacts+SMS Recovery (Windows) to help recover contacts from iPhone device itself. This software is specially designed for iPhone users to recover the lost contacts and messages from iPhone in one click. With this software, you can easily recover messages and contacts from your iPhone, no matter it is formatted, broken or water-damaged. Below is the free trial version of this software. You can get the right version and give it a try by yourself!

After downloading this software, open it on the computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer. Choose your iPhone device and then you can select "Contacts" at the bottom. Finally, click the option of "Start Scan" to enter the next step.

launch the program

Now, click the "Contacts" tab on the left panel and you will see all detailed information are arranged on the right window. You can choose to "Show All", "Show Only Deleted" or "Show Only Existed" as needed. Finally, just click the "Export" option to recover lost contacts from iPhone in one click.

launch the program

Choice Two: Rely on Coolmuster iOS Data Rescuer

This Coolmuster iOS Data Rescuer is also a professional and powerful recovery tool, which enables you to recover lost contacts from iPhone in a fast and easy way. Apart from contacts and messages recovery provided by the software mentioned in the above part, this software is able to recover other files such as notes, safari, calendar, voice memos, photos and more from all generations of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. More importantly, this software allows you to recover lost files from iOS devices or recover from iTunes backup. Now, you can get this software by clicking the below icon. (Tips: Make sure that you have downloaded the right version, or otherwise it will fail to work.)

Firstly, open the installed software on the computer. Then you will see the below interface where you are offered two options. Choose the option of "Recover from iOS Device" and then click "Start Scan" to continue the process.

Secondly, now all the file folders are arranged on the main interface as pictured in the below. Enter the "Contacts" folder on the left panel and then choose the wanted contacts you wish to recover from your iPhone. Click the option of "Recover" and then just wait for the process to be finished.

The two choices are worth for your trying if you are looking for a way to recover lost contacts from iPhone without an iTunes backup. So what are you waiting for? Just get back your lost contacts and freely enjoy the happy time with your friends!

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