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How to Delete All Duplicates in iTunes

Duplicate content is a common problem to most iPhone users, this runs from the contacts, photos and the iTunes. To some point the duplicate of the content occurs without our consent. The iTunes may also duplicate as a result of your device settings on storage. When this happen the iPhone maybe so overcrowded and you are forced to delete some content. If the issue is not sorted out you will be forced to operate with the duplicate content and this can be quite confusing. There is therefore the need to understand how to delete duplicated in iTunes.

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When Do We Need To Delete Duplicates in iTunes?

• There are much more that you can do with your device storage space. However the duplicate iTunes prevent you as they take more storage space. This requires you to delete the duplicate iTunes so that you can free the memory.
• When you no longer need the iTunes, you can delete them. This is because they are not up-to-date and you need to update your device.
• The duplicate iTunes gives you a hard time operating your device. It is even hard to identify the iTunes when you need them.
• When you need to resell your device there is need to delete the duplicate iTunes so that the buyer can be able to install their own.
• If your iTunes library is overcrowded with the copies of songs that needlessly take the space of your hard disc. The files may have been downloaded for different reasons but not gives the desired results.
• When your iTunes library grows and inevitably happens to be disorganized and you need to delete the content to keep it organized.

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User Guide - How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes

Although the procedure is so easy, there is need to have an extract of the duplicate iTunes to avoid deleting even the ones which are not duplicated. For the small device, it is easier to delete the content manually rather than using an extra software program as the programs may be so expensive. The following are the steps that will help you delete the duplicate content.

• Launch your iTunes from the device.

• Ensure that you have a back up of the iTunes library before you delete. This will help you out if you have the digital music disaster in the course of the iTunes deletion. If anything goes wrong while deleting the iTunes, you can always restore your library.

• Select the mode of view that will make it easy for you to see all the content of the iTunes library. This makes it possible for you to identify the duplicate content.

delete duplicates in itunes

• Highlight the iTunes you need to delete by clicking on it. to select a number of the iTunes, click on the first one and then hold the shift key to tap to the last one.

• Once the iTunes are highlighted, you can tap on the delete key on your keyboard or right click on one item and select delete.

delete duplicates in itunes

• Click on done to return to the iTunes viewing mode.

More tips you should know:

There are some of the challenges that may occur while deleting. Some maybe technical and others are dependent on the user.

• At times you may delete the files you want accidentally especially if you used bulk methods of deleting the iTunes.
• At times the content may reappear since it was save in the internal storage and you did not remove it after deleting the iTunes
• The manual deletion procedure is too lengthy and maybe hard to follow. Suitable software would therefore be needed but some turn out to be so expensive.

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