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How to Copy Nokia Calendar to Android Device?

In addition to contacts and text messages, there is another important phone data can not be neglected - Calendar! Calendar in a phone is a list or register of events, they can be appointments or social events or court cases, etc. It is a nightmare to even think about losing your crucial calendar events so many users wish they can transfer all the calendars from their old Nokia phone to newly bought Android phone. A universal way to transfer Nokia calendar to Android is syncing with cloud servers. However, not everyone is willing to put their private information on cloud. Scratching you head on the question: What to do? Well, other friends have already solved the problem by using third-party tool. I will tell you what it is in this article.

Nokia to Android Transfer is what I want to introduce to you. It support almost all phone brands including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry and many more. Apart from compatibility with different brands, it is also compatible with different operating systems therefore it can be run on different computers, no matter Windows or Mac. They have several features that enable the user to complete different functions. Apart from transferring contacts, SMS, calendar, call logs, photos, videos, etc. from one device to another, they also enable the user to backup and restore the phone data.

With the One Click transfer provided with Nokia to Android Transfer application, the user has the ability of transferring calendars from Symbian Nokia phone to Android device with ease. Below directions will show you how to do that.

Simple Way to Copy Calendar from Nokia to Android Phone

Step 1. Run the Transfer program on computer

Download, install and run the Nokia to Android Transfer tool on your computer. Once the program interface pops up, you can highlight the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and the program will ask you to connect your phones.

launch nokia to android transfer

Step 2. Connect your Nokia and Android phones

Connect your Nokia phone and Android phone to the same computer with two USB cables. The two phones will be displayed on the program window and all the transferred phone data are also categorized here in list.

connect phones

Step 3: Copy Nokia calendar to Android phone

If you only need to transfer calendars, you can uncheck other items except the "Calendar" and then give a simple click on the Start Transfer button to start the calendar transfer from your Nokia to Android.

nokia to android calendar transfer

Now, all your private calendar information are loaded on your new Android phone! Trust the capability of Nokia to Android Transfer and let it help you now.

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