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How to Copy Photos/Videos/Music from Nokia to HTC?

If you have an old Nokia phone, it means that the smartphone contains data and information that is very important to you. Music playlists, videos and photos don't have to be deleted simply because you have bought a new HTC phone. Before wiping your old Nokia phone clean, you can transfer all the important files in it to the new HTC phone therefore ensuring that nothing gets lost. However, Nokia phones have been known to run Symbian for a long time and only recently switched to Windows Mobile, while HTC phone is running on Android system. The reason you will experience problems when transferring data is because both phones may not be compatible with one another due to different operating systems.

If you are looking for a software that will eliminate compatibility issues as well as save time, then you need to use the Nokia to HTC Transfer. It is a Windows and Mac compatible program that is developed to help users selectively transfer data and information important to them from one device to another. With the application, you can transfer your music, photos and videos, as well as contacts, apps and more with ease thanks to the 1-Click Transfer tool. You are able to preview and selectively choose the files you want to transfer so as to perform a time-saving and accurate data transfer process.

Well, how to use Nokia to HTC Transfer to copy photos, videos and music from Nokia Symbian to HTC Android? The following 3-step guide will show you how. Only several mouse clicks allow you to finish the transferring progress. Before that, you need to choose the right version of the software to download.

download win version download mac version

Tutorial: Transferring Pictures, Movies & Songs to HTC from Nokia

Step 1. Begin with "Phone to Phone Transfer"

Start by downloading the applications, install it and finally launch it. Then, you will see four options on its interface. You need to select the Phone to Phone transfer option and once you have selected it, the application will switch to another window that ask you to connect your devices to the computer.

Copy Photos Videos Music from Nokia to HTC

Step 2: Connect Nokia and HTC phones to Mac

Using two USB cables to connect your old Nokia and new HTC phones and the USB ports on your PC respectively. Nokia to HTC Transfer will find the two devices and show them on the program window side by side, with various categories above them, such as contacts, books, apps, photos, music and videos.

Copy Photos Videos Music from Nokia to HTC

Step 3. Start transferring media from Nokia to HTC

Select the various categories that are photos, music and videos, and the program will display all files related to the chosen category. Select all files you want to transfer and then click on the Start Transfer button. Click OK to confirm the action and let the software complete the media transfer.

Copy Photos Videos Music from Nokia to HTC

Want to explore more powerful functions of the Mobile Transfer on your own? Download it now!

download win version download mac version

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