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Full Guide to Copy SIM Card to Android/iPhone

Every mobile phone carries a small SIM card inside it. A SIM card is used to identify the owner of the device that the person is using and communicate to the mobile network that it is associated with. It belongs to specific networks like Verizon, Straight talk, AT&T, and others networks and controls the capability for a user to another device that is no longer working because the service has been discontinued. The acronym that people normally know it by is subscriber identification module or subscriber identity module. It is also important to note that the letter SIM simply stands for the term simulation.

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If you change to a new phone, a thing you want to do most is copying all the contacts from your SIM card on your old phone to the new phone. In this post, we will show you the easiest way to copy a SIM card and then give you the detailed steps to copy contacts on SIM card to both Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6, HTC One, LG, Sony, Huawei P20/P10, etc.) and iPhone X/8/7/6/5.

Part 1: How to Copy A SIM Card?
Part 2: How to Copy SIM Card Contacts to Android Phone?
Part 3: How to Copy SIM Card Contacts to iPhone?

Part 1: How to Copy A SIM Card?

It is a smart decision to have a backup phonebook because if your mobile phone suffers from accidents, for example, phone breaks, you won't be able to access to your contact numbers. Therefore, it is useful for you to copy your contacts to the SIM card and next time if your mobile phone is broken or is not working properly, you can insert the SIM card to your new phone so that you can continue to use the data saved on your original SIM card.

Step 1: Turn off your old phone, insert your SIM card into this phone and then turn it on.

Step 2: Copy the contacts from your SIM card to the phone memory of the old phone by choosing Contacts > Menu > Import/Export contacts > Import from SIM card.

Note: Different mobile phone displays different options, you just choose similar options according to your own phone model.

Step 3: Turn off the phone, insert another new SIM card to the phone and turn it on again.

Step 4: Copy contacts from the phone to the new SIM card by pressing: Contacts > Menu > Copy > From phone to a SIM card.

Step 5: Turn off the phone and take the SIM card out of from the phone. Then, insert the SIM card into your new phone and the job of copying SIM card is ready.

copy sim card

Part 2: How to Copy SIM Card Contacts to Android Phone?

Next, we are going to show you how to copy contacts from a SIM card to an Android phone. After doing this, you will have your contacts on both the SIM card and your phone memory.

Step 1: Turn on your Android phone and tap the contacts icon to open the phonebook.

Step 2: Click the menu icon and choose the option of "import/export" > "Import from SIM card".

Step 3: Select Telephone on the next menu, if you want to copy contacts from SIM card to your phone.

Step 4: Finally, you need to choose the contacts you want to copy. If you want to copy them all, just select the "Select All" option and all contacts will be ticked off simultaneously and copied to your phone memory.

Part 3: How to Copy SIM Card Contacts to iPhone?

If you want to change to a new iPhone and want to keep the contacts you have on your original SIM card, you can import your contacts into the contacts guide of the mobile team. Transferring SIM card contacts to iPhone is also as easy as copying to Android phone. To complete this task, you should follow the steps in the below:

Step 1: Turn on your iPhone and choose the options: Settings > Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Step 2: Then, click the options like Select Import SIM Contacts > On my iPhone to import contacts from SIM card to the phone.

Step 3. Go back to the home screen of the iPhone by pressing the Home key to finish the process.

As you can see, the operations and steps of copying SIM card contacts to Android phone and iPhone are really simple and it just takes you only a few minutes. If you worry about losing your precious contacts on your phone, you'd better learn how to copy a SIM card. Just follow the methods provided in this article and you will no longer feeling confused when you lost your phone contacts.

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