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Data Transfer between Sony and Motorola Phones

Quite often we find ourselves transferring data from one phone to another. A phone has a powerful ability to transfer files such as contacts, SMS, music, videos, photos and all the apps in the in build as well as external memory. Phones can be of the same make or even of different models depending on their compatibility. There are different ways of data transfer which work out on different phones, and thus the users can use that which is universal or compatible with their phone. The users should work towards ensuring that both phones are connected throughout the transfer process so as to ensure that there is no data lost in the process. You also need to be sure of the data that needs to be transferred so as to ensure that you select the right data and avoid transferring unnecessary data.

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Who can ensure the efficiency and safety of the data transfer between a Sony phone and a Motorola mobile device? Coolmuster studio does! It offers a professional and easy-to-use data transfer tool called Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac. This is powerful software as it allows you to selectively transfer all the important files, such as photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages, call history, apps, calendar and more that you cannot afford losing between the two phones safely and Sound. With the Mobile Transfer, the phones operating system is not a factor as the software eases the compatibility. Not only Sony Xperia Z3/Z4/Z5 and Motorola Droid/Atrix/Moto, other more Android, as well as iOS and Symbian devices can be supported.

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer can be downloaded from the buttons below for both Windows and Mac users. It ensures safe and secure data transfer without the intervention of any third party app messing with your private data.

How to Switch Files between Sony Xperia and Motorola Phones?

Step 1. Run the transfer program on your computer

Run the best Sony to Motorola transfer tool - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer on your laptop or computer after the installation. Connect the two mobile phones to your laptop or computer via two USB cables.

Step 2: Enter "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode

Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode from the program window to start the phone-transfer process and the Mobile Transfer will detect the two connected phones and show them at the interface side by side.

Step 3. Transfer data between Sony and Motorola

Check all the data types if you wish to transfer all data between the two phones. Also you can uncheck some as you like. After that, click the transferring icon to start the data transferring process from Sony to Motorola, or Motorola to Sony.

A menu will appear to tell you the progress of the data transfer.

By the way, another start product from Coolmuster studio - Android Assistant is also able to transfer data between two Android mobile phones. Just click to learn more about this software.

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