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How to Move Android Videos/Books to Another Android?

With the rapid growth of smartphones, many people own two Android phones at the same time. When getting a new Android device, you may want to share interesting things on your old Android phone with the new Android. For example, you would like to transfer files, such as videos, music, photos, as well as eBooks from old Android to new Android. But sometimes, things weren't so easy. Some common problems that newbies and seasoned users alike may encounter when they try to move Android data to another Android device includes the following:

* Problems with syncing files between two Android devices (i.e. videos and books):
- Options and files grayed out and cannot be accessed;
- Exclamation marks appearing when trying to select the transfer option;
- Cannot initialize transfer tools;
- Potential for Loss data.

All of which are often difficult problems to resolve if the owner of the Android devices do not have the right instructions or the best software tools to make an efficient transfer. When an individual needs a proper tool for transferring videos and eBooks from one Android phone to another Android phone, you can look no further than the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac. It is a kind of program which can help you transfer the files including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, books and more, in a word, transferring any data between Android and Android, Android and iOS, Android and Symbian, and Symbian and iOS. Apart from that, Mobile Transfer also enables you to backup and restore your phone data to/from computer.

You just need to finish the videos and books transfer between two Android devices by one click on the computer. This article takes the Mac version of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer as an example to tell you how to transfer your data from old Android phone to another Android phone in 3 simple steps. Now, please follow us:

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1-2-3 Steps to Copy Movies/eBooks from One Android to Another

Step 1. Run the Samsung to Samsung data transfer

First of all, you need to download, install and launch Mobile Transfer on your Mac. Then, the primary window will show up like the following picture. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and you will be asked to connect your devices.

Move Android Videos Books to Another Android

Step 2: Link both of your Android phones to Mac

Link the two Android phones or tablets to the Mac computer through two USB cables. Once they are connected, Mobile Transfer will detect both of them automatically. As you can see, all transferable files (i.e. contacts, music, photos, ebooks and etc.) listed on the above.

Move Android Videos Books to Another Android

Step 3. Move Android videos/books to another Android

When you only want to copy videos and books, you have to mark the checkbox in front of "Videos" and "Books" only, select the containing videos and books, and then click the right or left arrow to sync files from the Android to another.

Move Android Videos Books to Another Android

Note: Please keep your two devices connected to Coolmuster Mobile Transfer in the whole time.

Copy Videos/eBooks from between Two Android Devices with Android Assistant

We are always trying to introduce more than one solutions for you choice to achieve your goal. To copy videos and books from Android to Android, Coolmuster Android Assistant or Android Assistant for Mac can also help you. With this handy and powerful software, you can transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, apps, eBooks, documents and more from one phone to another. You can also backup and restore your Android devices whenever you need.

Free download this Android Assistant tool and have a try.

1: Get your two Android devices connected via USB and launch the installed Android Assistant on your PC or Mac.
2: Navigate to the source Android phone and choose file types "Videos" and "eBooks" from left sidebar.
3. Preview and select the videos and eBooks you want to transfer and click "Export" button from top menu.
4. Choose an output location on your computer to save the exported files.
5. Navigate to the destinated Android phone and also choose "Videos" and "eBooks" from left sidebar.
7. Click "Import" button from top menu, browse for the backed up "Videos" and "eBooks" folders from your computer and copy them to the target Android device.

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