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How to Move HTC Apps to Google Nexus?

The types of phones used can differ from one carrier to another so people can pick and choose the best device for their use. When the user makes their purchase, they will find each phone has a specific operating system already installed and launched, and they will also have certain applications that have been chosen and installed for the average user. However, once the new phone has been transferred into the hands of each user, they will have their own personal preferences on what applications they like and need. While some people may only install a few basic apps that they really need, others may decide to load the device up with all kinds of different innovative apps as soon as they receive it. That comes the requirement of transferring apps from one phone to another.

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There are many different software products on the market today that can assist with transferring apps from one phone to the next. However, some are more effective and efficiently executed than others. This is where Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac stands up for its powerful phone to phone data transferring ability and trustworthy security policy. With its help, you can effortlessly transfer not only apps, but also contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music and many more from one phone to another, no matter they are Android, iOS or Symbian phones. It is also able to backup your phone data on computer, and restore the backup record back to your phone with one click.

The guide in the below will show you how to move apps from HTC One M8/M9/Desire HD to Google Nexus 7/6/6P/5/5X by using this Mobile Transfer program. Just begin the apps transfer process now, starting with downloading the trial version of the program for free via the buttons as below:

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Directly Copy Apps to Play HTC Apps on Google Nexus

Step 1. Connect your HTC and Nexus phones to computer

Open the Mobile Transfer after it has been downloaded and installed. Pick up two USB cables to connect the 2 devices with the computer. Make sure the connection is successful, otherwise the program will be failed to detect them.

Step 2: Enter Phone to Phone Transfer mode

There are three different modes available on the main window. Choose the first “Phone to Phone Transfer”. After the Phone to Phone Transfer option has been displayed, the user should click on the icon above the "Apps" option.

Step 3. Transfer apps from HTC to Nexus

When this option has been selected, the next step is to Start the phone to phone transfer process by clicking on the appropriate arrow. After that, the apps transferring process will be started immediately.

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