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One Click to Share Music from iPhone to Android

There is an increasing number of people ditching Apple for Android in the recent years. One of the major problems faced by them is keeping hold of the huge amount of music while making the change. Using Whatsapp or sharing apps to transfer music is a long and tedious affair and there is no Bluetooth compatibility between iPhone and Android.

Two possible ways to move music from iPhone to Android:

You might just want to move all the music from your iPhone to your Android smartphone. While difficult, it still is possible , even with the confined ecosystem of Apple, that Apple desperately wants you to be in. Here are a few ways to help you make the change.

1. Using Google Play Music

A free and easy way is to transfer your music from your iTunes library to Google Play Music. The music will be stored on the cloud, so it allows you to access your playlist on multiple devices. Follow these steps to transfer your music.

Step 1: Sync your iPhone to iTunes on your PC.

Step 2: Open play store on your web browser and click on Music.

Step 3: Login with a Google account and then select "My Music".

Step 4: Open the menu on the left hand side and click on "Upload Music".

Step 5: In the dialog box that appears, select "Upload songs to Google Play" and click on "Next".

Step 6: Choose "iTunes" on the next page and select the library containing your music. You can upload all the songs or only a select few.

Step 7: Hit "Next" and you will be good to go. You can now access your iTunes library on your Android device.

2. Using a USB Cable

This is one of the most common and easiest ways to transfer your music. All you need is a regular USB cable usually supplied with any new device. This is how you need to go about it:

Step 1: Sync your iPhone to your iTunes music library.

Step 2: Plug in your Android phone and select "MTP mode".

Step 3: Open your iTunes music library from the folder you have saved it in and copy the required files.

Step 4: Navigate to your Android device's music folder. Paste the music files and you’re good to go.

Why Should You Look For An Easier Way Out?

Well, it's good that you can transfer the media you want, from your iPhone to your Android. But wouldn't it have been better to have an easier way out? The above mentioned ways have a few shortcomings that may hamper your transfer. To use Google Play Music, you require a Google Wallet which means giving your Debit/Credit card information. In addition, there is the problem of Music only being available online and having to download each and every file for offline use.

3. Using iPhone to Android Transfer

This program works on your computer and allows you to transfer all your data including videos, contacts and music between your iPhone and Android. You can transfer your music selectively without any quality loss. Aside from music files, this software is fully compatible with various files like contacts, messages, media files, apps and more, as well as different devices running Android, iOS, Symbian systems. So you are free to share any files between these devices as needed and wanted. Following are the steps to do it.

download win version download mac version

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Step 1: Open the software and connect your iPhone and your Android phone simultaneously.

move music from iphone to android

Step 2: Click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" and you will see a list of categories of files.

move music from iphone to android

Step 3: Click on "Music", and click on the Start Transfer button. Select "OK" and your work is done.

move music from iphone to android

download win version download mac version

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