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How to Share Data between Motorola and Samsung?

Many of us maintain more than one smartphone. One can be used for work while the other is reserved for personal use. But even then we feel the need to have same content in our phones. Maybe we need to call the same person from the other phone or access a file saved on the other. Sometime we want to have same music library on multiple phones. Then transferring data becomes a necessity. Then, can data be transferred easily? Since Motorola and Samsung phones are running with the same operating system - Android. The files transfer between the two phones seems easy to access. Generally speaking, sharing data between Motorola and Samsung can be realized via 3 different ways:

Way 1. Copy/paste all the data manually using a laptop or a computer.
Way 2. Use Samsung's Smart Switch app.
Way 3. Use Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Next, we will introduce the three ways in details, so that you can pick out the most suitable method.

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Part One - Transfer Files from Motorola to Samsung Manually or Using App

Manual way: To perform the transfer process manually, you need enough patience and time. You have to copy things from your source Motorola phone to a laptop or a computer, and then paste them to the target Samsung phone. The one by one manually method will exhaust you quickly and become annoying in a very little time.

Using App: An easier way to perform the transfer is using Samsung Smart Switch. What you need to do is installing the Samsung Smart Switch app from here, and install it on both the source and destination phones.
1. After installing it on both devices, select "Export to Galaxy Device" from your source Motorola phone.
2. Select the data you want to transfer to your Samsung phone and hit the button of "Transfer".
3. The two phones will begin communicating and the transfer will start automatically.

Using Samsung Smart Switch app seems convenient, but it has some compatibility issues. The app only supports with Motorola DROID RAZR, RAZR Mini, RAZR Maxx and ATRIX III. To solve the problems above, Coolmuster studio introduces the best software - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac, which is able to move anything ranging from contacts, messages to videos, music, pictures and more between two phones, namely Android and Android, Android and iOS, Android and Symbian, iOS and Symbian to and from without restrictions. It is completely safe and there is no loss of quality during the transfer.

Part 2 - Share Data between Motorola and Samsung by Mobile Transfer

List of the main features of the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

* Transfer contacts, photos, SMS, music and videos between Motorola and Samsung effortlessly.
* Compatible with Samsung S7, S6 Edge, S6, S5, S4, S3, Note 4, Note 3 and more and Motorola phones like Motorola Atrix/Charm/Droid.
* Fully compatible with all available Windows and Mac OSes.

Get the free trial version of the Mobile Transfer from the following download buttons. Then, read the guide in the below to learn how to use it to transfer Motorola data to Samsung phone, and vice versa.

Step 1. Connect the Motorola and Samsung phones to computer

First open the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer installed in your computer and connect the two phones. You can use the USB cord that came with your Samsung and Motorola. The program will display an interface with some options.

Step 2: Open Transfer Page

Select the first option from the left which reads "Phone to Phone Transfer". It will open another page which shows your two phones with their transferable data. They will be shown in two panes along with the names of the devices on top. You will get to see your contacts, apps, music, pictures, videos, etc.

Step 3. Begin the Transfer between Motorola and Samsung

You can select them all or anyone you wish. You can further choose which files to share from a particular category. After you are done choosing, select the right or left arrow depending on the panel that displays your phones.

Then the program begins the transfer. The advancement is shown by the progress bar in the program.

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