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How to Transfer Text Messages between BlackBerry and Nokia?

Hi, currently I am using a Nokia and have just bought the Blackberry Curve. I would like to transfer my contacts, SMS messages and calendar info to my new blackberry curve. Is there some software available to do this? I know I can use outlook for contacts and calendar, but how about text messages? Thank you, Ishan.

Compare with the external SD card in a mobile phone, the phone's internal memory card and SIM card contain more private staff than the external SD card, including the most crucial text messages. Many people are aware of syncing phones between two different mobile phones via Google account, and transferring media files via USB cable. But when referring to text messages, to tell the truth, it is scarcely impossible to transfer text messages between Nokia phone and BlackBerry phone without the help from a third-party SMS transfer tool because such kinds of files are not contained in the phone SD card, but in the internal memory. Viewing the phone messages on computer is not that easy, let alone transfer them to another phone.

It is not strange to say the SMS transfer is difficult. Nokia and BlackBerry are two different operating systems, which makes it more difficult to transfer data between them directly. But now, the solution is coming. Just give a try with the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac, which is quite technical to do the SMS transferring task from Nokia to BlackBerry, or from BlackBerry to Nokia without any difficulty. By using this magical program, you can not only view text messages on computer easily, but can transfer them from your old cell phone to the new one in a few mouse clicks, whatever they are iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Nokia devices.

How to get the powerful Phone to Phone Transfer program? Quite easy! Just click the linkage below to download it on your computer. Then, reading the guide in the following and copy all your SMS messages between Nokia and BlackBerry.

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Detailed Guide to Move Nokia SMS Messages to/from BlackBerry Phone

The first step of the SMS transferring task is to launch the Phone Transfer. After get it started, you can see its interface is very clean and user-intuitive. Just choose Phone to Phone Transfer to go to the next step.

Next, use two USB cables to connect your Nokia and BlackBerry phones to the computer. Coolmuster Phone Transfer will recognize the two devices and display them in the places of "Source" and "Destination". If you want to transfer text messages from Nokia to BlackBerry, you should make sure the Nokia phone shows in the "Source" place. Otherwise, you need to click "Flip" button to switch their positions.

Finally, you are arriving at the last step. Just check the checkbox in front of "Text Messages" and click "Start Copy" to start the process. After a few minutes, all the SMS messages will be transferred to the new phone.

Extremely easy, isn't it? What are you still waiting for?

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