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How to Transfer Calendar between Nokia and Nexus?

If you are new to Android OS, you must be excited to tell your friends that you have bought a new Google Nexus 6, which is equipped with the Android OS 5.0. You are busy at downloading beautiful pictures and music files because you just can't wait to enjoy them on the new Android gadget, and you also brook no delay to move contacts from your old phone to the Nexus 6 so that you can call your friends to tell them the good news. However, I doubt that you have missed a question: there maybe some important calendars still stored on your old mobile phone, for example, the outdated Symbian Nokia phone. Turn back to your Nokia phone and open the Calendar app, you must find that you have recorded many specific days, planned events and other calendar of wills. Why don't you copy them to your new Nexus 6 if there is a simple way to do so?

To save your time to retype these calendars on your Google Nexus 6 one by one manually, Coolmuster studio has released a trustworthy program - the Nokia to Nexus Transfer, which is an all-in-one and one-click phone to phone transfer program to let you copy calendar from Symbian Nokia to Google Nexus 6 in 1 mouse click. Not only calendar, it can also transfer photos, contact, call logs, music files, text messages, and many more between any two phones, including Nokia, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google and other more Android phones. Data will work on your new phone immediately after the transfer process.

After reading the following guide and try out the tool by yourself, you must thank to the Nokia to Nexus Transfer which provides the easiest way to transfer data from an old phone to a new one.

Learn How to Share Calendar between Nokia and Nexus

Step 1: Run the program on your computer

To get started, install and launch the Nokia to Nexus data transfer tool on your computer. Then, you will get its simple and user-friendly primary window.

launch nokia to nexus transfer

Step 2: Connect Nokia and Nexus phones to the computer

Use two USB cables to connect both your Nokia phone and Nexus 6 to the computer. The program will detect the two phones and show them in the primary window. Meanwhile, all the transferable files are all displayed here. If you only want to transfer calendar, you need to uncheck the other file types.

connect phones

Step 3: Transfer calendar between Nokia and Nexus

When everything is ok, you can click on the "Start Transfer" to begin the calendar transfer from your Nokia to Nexus, or vice versa. Take care that the two phones must be connected with the computer in the whole way.

nokia to nexus calendar transfer

Download the Nokia to Nexus Transfer and try it on your own!

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