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How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola to Samsung?

Samsung is undoubtedly the most widely used Android mobile phone manufacturer nowadays. More and more people give up other Android phone brands and choose Samsung, such as switch from Motorola to Samsung. Well, it is easy to switch from a phone to another, but how to keep your old Motorola phone contacts information to your new Samsung phone? Well, of course you can type and contacts one by one manually, or directly insert the SIM card into the new Samsung phone. However, a SIM card can not hold too many contacts and it is pretty obvious that manual operation is a very tiring and lengthy process. I think few people has such high patience level. That's why we write this article to tell you a quick and safe method to transfer contacts from Motorola phone to Samsung phone with 1 click only!

Best Tool You'll Need:

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Mobile Transfer for Mac is the best software that professionally designed to help you transfer old phone data to a new phone. Almost overall phone data types can be transferred, such as text messages, call history, e-books, contacts, photos, music, videos etc.. For the contacts transfer, not only phone numbers, but also names, emails and address can be also copied to your new Samsung phone. Besides data transferring ability, Mobile transfer is sensitive and you have to protect it when selling it off. The data erasing feature of the software will erase current and deleted data from phones beyond recovery. You can safely gift or donate your phone to anyone without risks. And it can also back up and restore your phone data to/from computer.

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Coolmuster Mobile Transfer requires minimal effort to finish the contacts transfer between Motorola and Samsung phones. The smart tool is compatible with Motorola DROID RAZR, RAZR Mini, RAZR Maxx and ATRIX III, as well as Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S7/S6, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Nexus and so forth. Read the following guide to see how easy it is to use the Mobile Transfer to copy contacts to the new Samsung phone from your old Motorola.

Tutorial on Copying Contacts from Motorola to Samsung

Step 1. Run the Mobile Transfer on your computer

Click above button to download the Mobile Transfer software. Install it to your PC or Mac computer and then use two USB cables to attach both of your old Motorola and new Samsung phones to the same computer.

Step 2: Preview and select contacts to transfer

When the program detects the two connected phones, you will see a screen similar to the picture below. Choose "Contacts" folder among all the transferable file types and preview to select the detailed contacts that you want to transfer.

Step 3.Transfer contacts from Motorola to Samsung

Check or uncheck the boxes as per your requirement, or you can choose "Select All" directly. After you selected all the contacts you want to transfer, you can click the direction key to begin the contacts transfer.

A menu will appear showing the progress of the transfer and you should make sure that neither of the phones gets detached while the transferring process is still underway.

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