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Transfer Data from Google Nexus to Android

It is not uncommon for a mobile phone owner to change devices from time to time. Since there are so many phones and phone manufacturers available today, people can pick and choose the type of mobile phone that they want to use whenever they want to make the change. Therefore, if the owner has a chance to switch from a Google Nexus Phone to any other kind of Android device, they can make the switch without experiencing a lot of unnecessary problems. However, before the individual begins to use the new device, they may have a need to transfer the data that it houses to the new phone, here, transfer data from Google Nexus to Android device.

When files are being transferred from one android device to another, the user can encounter some common problems that will need to be fixed. If you are not sure that you can solve these problems successfully, why not choose a 100% reliable transferring method? Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac is an end to end transfer process that can be used to transfer data, such as text messages, contacts, photos, videos, music and apps from one device to another. It is a simple process that can be used by virtually anyone and can be done in a few simple clicks. The user does not have to be concerned about losing files because this process eliminates the problems that many of the other options generate.

Apart from transferring data from Google Nexus 7/6/6P/5/5X to Android devices, Mobile Transfer is also compatible to transfer data between Android and iPhone, copy files between iPhone and Symbian, etc. In a word, it supports overall Android, iOS and Symbian devices. Read the following article to learn how to copy files between Google Nexus and Android by using the Mobile Transfer.

How to Transfer Google Nexus Files to Android Phone/Tablet?

Step 1. Install and launch the program on computer

Click the buttons above to download and install the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer on your desktop or laptop computer. Launch the program and choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" option from the primary interface of the program.

Step 2: Connect Google Nexus and Android device to computer

Make the connection between the two mobile phones and the computer via two USB cables so that the program can detect the two phones. All transferrable file types are displayed here and the two devices are also shown side by side.

Step 3. Transfer data from Google Nexus to Android

Select the file types you want to transfer, including Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos, etc., and click the transferring arrow which is pointing to the Android device. After that, the process can be initiated immediately.

Note: Please make sure both phones are connected with your computer during the whole transfer progress.

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