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Transfer Media Files from HTC to HTC

There are a number of different reasons why media files should be transferred from one HTC phone to another HTC device. Some of the more commonly known are as follow: Firstly, user wants to keep all of the files that they have sent and received over the years for back up support or on an as need basis. Secondly, some people take lots of selfies, pictures of events and occasion that they have participated and they do not want to lose them when they switch devices. Lastly, most users like to transfer all of the precious files that they house on their old phone before they pass their old phones to a new user. In this article, we will tell you how to transfer media files from your old HTC to new HTC.

Media files, such as photos, videos and music files can be transferred between two HTC phones easily and quickly without any hassle by using the professional phone to phone data transfer tool - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac. With its help, the user can transfer files, not only media, but also contacts, SMS, apps and more between two phones (Android, iOS and Symbian) without any issues. For instance, the user can transfer image files from their Mac or Windows computers to their mobile phones with ease. This software also has a feature that allows the user to back up all of their files from phone to computer and restore them if they are lost.

Apart from transferring media files between HTC One M8/M9/Desire HD, Mobile Transfer is also able to transfer media files from LG to Samsung, transfer media files between Motorola and HTC, etc. In a word, it supports overall Android, iOS and Symbian devices. Read the following article to learn how to copy media files between two HTC phones by using the Mobile Transfer.

How to Transfer Photos/Videos/Music from HTC to HTC?

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer and run it

The software is available by clicking the buttons above. (If you are a Windows user, click the left button; Mac users please choose the one on the right.) Launch it and plug the two HTC handsets in.

Step 2: Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" section

After using two USB cables to connect the two mobile phones to the computer, you can directly select "Phone to Phone Transfer" section from the main interface. Then, all transferable file types are displayed here and the two devices are also shown side by side.

Step 3. Transfer media from HTC to HTC

If you only want to transfer "Photos", "Videos" and "Music", just select the three file types only. Then, click the transferring arrow which is pointing to the new HTC device. After that, the process can be initiated immediately.

Note: Please make sure both phones are connected with your computer during the whole transfer progress.

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