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How to Transfer Photos/Pictures between iPod and iPad?

Apple devices, such as iPod and iPad, are both good at dealing with images, videos and other media files. There are also built-in applications in the two iDevices for managing those files, such as iPhoto and iMovie. However, transferring files like photos between the iPod and iPad can only depend on additional third-party software like iTunes or iCloud. However, you have to beware of the data loss problem during the usage of iTunes. In order to sync data using the iCloud, you need to turn on the new device, and follow through with a lengthy introductory framework. Once a Wi-Fi connection has been established, you can select the RESTORE FROM ICLOUD BACKUP option. Sound confusing, right? Is there any one-stop solution to finish the photos transfer between an iPod and an iPad?

1. Using iCloud Photo LIbrary

- Open the Settings app on your iPod and then select iCloud option from the menu.

- Log in with your Apple ID if required.

- Then tap on the Photos option to continue.

- After that, switch on the iCloud Photo Library.

- Choose between the options of Optimize iPhone Storage and Download and Keep Originals as needed and wanted.

- Now connect your iPhone to a wireless network.

- Open Photos app on your iPad and make sure your iPad is also connected to the same Wifi.

- Tap Albums option and then select All Photos option to continue. All the photos including those you have uploaded to the iCloud will also be shown.

- Now, just feel free to access any photos as wanted on your iPad device.

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2. Using Airdop

Note: To use Airdop to transfer photos from iPod to iPad, you need to make sure that both devices must be running iOS 7 or later. Then follow the below steps:

- Open the Control Center on iPod and iPad devices.

- Tap on Airdrop option to enable it.

- Now, go to Photos app on your iPod.

- Select the photos that you want to transfer from iPod to iPad.

- Tap the Share option to continue the process.

- On your iPad, you will see an "Tap to share with AirDrop" section of the Share panel.

- Tap Accept option to begin the photo transfer from iPod to iPad.

Now, just wait patiently for the process to get completed. It depends on the quantity of the files and the speed of the network.

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Directly Share Photos between iPad and iPod touch/Shuffle/Nano/Classic

Here, to easily and directly transfer photos from iPod to iPad or from iPad to iPod, this Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac is highly recommended to you. This special software will finish the data transfer process in 3 simple steps, so as to save time, money and all the hassle of transferring files between two iDevices. When you do not have time to learn how to transfer photos between iPod and iPad, this is the software that can do it all for you. It has been created and designed from the highest technology to help users like you to transfer data like music, videos, apps, photos, contacts, and text messages without any trouble. Coolmuster Phone Transfer is fully compatible with not only iPod and iPad, but also iPhone and Android, as well as Symbian devices.

See how much you would benefit from using the Coolmuster Phone Transfer now. You will be really surprised at its performance. It is not time consuming at all. Only 3 simple steps, along with several mouse clicks, you can make it! No matter what model of the iPod and iPad you are using, iPod touch/Shuffle/Nano/Classic, and iPad Air/mini/4/3/2, you can follow this way. Get the professional iPod and iPad data recovery software right now.

Step 1: Install and launch the software

Download the Coolmuster Phone Transfer on your computer, install and launch it directly. You can see the primary window of the transfer tool will display on the computer like the picture below. Then, you can choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click START to open the phone transfer window.

Note: Install and launch iTunes on your computer to make sure the program can work properly.

Step 2: Connect your iPod and iPad to computer via USB cables

Connect your iPad and iPod to the same computer and you will see the two iDevices are detected and located at the places of "Source" and "Destination". Data will be transferred from Source to Destination. If they are wrong placed, you can click "Flip" button to switch them.

Step 3: Copy photos between iPod and iPad

All the files that are ready to be transferred are displayed in categories here, including Photo, Video, Music, Contacts, SMS, Call history, etc. Just choose "Photos" in the list and click the "Start Copy" button, then, wait until the process is complete.

The operations are suitable for both Windows and Mac versions. Just get the Phone Transfer software right now and start to transfer among your iPad and iPod. Start the transferring process to enjoy files on every device anywhere and anytime.

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