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Transfer Data from WinPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Microsoft introduced Windows Phone in 2010 with Windows operating system. At that time, many people tried the Windows Phone but Android and iOS are still more popular than Windows system on the mobile market. Therefore, after a certain time of Windows Phone use, they still want to switch back to Android OS. We all know that Samsung Galaxy series is the most popular Android phone and Samsung has launched Galaxy S8 with new cool features. So, many Windows phone users want to switch from Windows phone to Samsung S8.

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We are going to share the easiest way to transfer data from Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S8. You can read and learn about it through this guide and complete the transfer process without losing any data.

Part 1. Easiest Way to Transfer WinPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy S8

WinPhone to Samsung Transfer can help you transfer data from Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S8 with just one click. It is professional in transferring data between two phones with zero data loss from your old phone. With it, you can transfer all file types, such as Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos, Music, Apps, Documents, etc. between from WinPhone to Galaxy S8/S8 Edge.

Apart from the two types of phone, it also supports to transfer data between Android and iOS, Android and Symbian, iOS and Symbian, Android and BlackBerry, iOS and BlackBerry and more. In a word, this phone to phone transfer supports to transfer almost everything between any two mobile devices. (Click here to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone 7 to Galaxy S8.)

WinPhone to Samsung Transfer also enables you to backup phone data on computer, and restore the backup record back to your phone anytime you like. Keep on reading part 2, which will show you how to transfer data from Windows phone to Galaxy S8 by using this tool. First of all, you should download and install the WinPhone to Samsung Transfer on your computer.

Part 2. How to Transfer Content from Windows Phone to Galaxy S8?

Step 1. Launch WinPhone to Samsung transfer program

Launch the transfer program on your computer and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" option from the primary interface. Then, use USB cables to connect your Windows phone and Samsung Galaxy S8 to your desktop respectively.

winphone to samsung data transfer

Step 2: Select the file types you need to transfer

The two phones are displayed side by side and all the transferable file types are listed in the middle of the two phones. Now, you are able to tick off the file types you want to transfer from the Windows phone to Galaxy S8.

transfer windows phone to samsung s8

Step 3. Transfer data from WinPhone to Samsung S8

After you selected all the data types you want to transfer, you can click "Start Transfer" button to initiate the data transfer from Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S8. There will be a progress bar appears to show you how much data has been transferred.

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