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    2016-07-18 17:53:28
    Simple UI
    by Jessie Chung
    Really simple user inteface, all I need is to follow the exact steps as instructed! This is indeed a good software, allowing me to freely backup important files. The best part of this software, I think, is the ability to send and receive messages directly from the computer. Thanks~
    2016-07-15 17:15:33
    Thanks Everyone
    by Marc T.
    I used to have problems running it on my Win 10. I sent a message to Coolmuster on Facebook and someone got back to me immediately! Thanks Everyone and it is really a good tool! :)
    2016-06-20 16:02:15
    Good software, in general
    by Rita
    Genrally speaking, it's a good software, though sometimes I need to try several times to get my phone detected by the software! It helps me easily manage any files directly on the computer as I wanted! Well, I want to know whether I have to purchase it again if the newest version is released?
    2016-04-25 09:05:34
    Its great, easy and very nice user interface
    by Nick
    Great ui and very user friendly all you have to do is plug in USB and play. No bugs @ all so far w/ this assistant app. Make sure its on always USB debugging when you plug in your phone. Its a little pricey however Im hoping to receive a partial refund for my order? They do offer 100 percent money back so I am waiting a reply from them. I am not sure what there working hours are?
    2016-04-07 07:15:56
    No fuss software
    by steve
    Always a sceptic with software, however it worked first time and did exactly what it should do and no bundled rubbish freebie junk either. Absolutely brilliant, thankyou.
    2015-12-25 15:32:23
    Love it
    by Doven
    I have used Coolmuster for a couple of days, and it really helpful to backup all my device data. I could like to recommend this powerful tool!
    2015-12-18 16:45:32
    OK....this is amazing
    by Ryan
    At first, I'm not very believe what you have said in the product page, but this product truly is incredibly easy to install, use, and it actually works as advertised! Now, I have used it to backup everything on my Android tablet to PC well. Thanks!

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