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    2017-05-13 03:09:50
    Good app but lacks an important feature
    by [h3x0r]
    This is great. Absolutely great. I can import/export contacts, SMS, move documents. Deep respect for that. However, take a look at this evaluation to make it better. If you want to migrate a huuuuge contact list to your new phone, expect trouble. You won't be able to sort the newly imported contacts to the old groups. That's because somebody forgot the SQLITE database file has a pretty old column hanging in there - CATEGORIES. Also there are errors while connecting via WIFI. After scanning the QR code, sometimes the phone simply shouts an alert sound and displays absolutely no information message.
    2017-03-31 18:20:26
    Lovely program
    by Gimmy
    This is really a nice program,exactly the one I'm looking for. Thanks!
    2017-02-27 14:07:20
    Useful program
    by Hajulean
    I have to say this software do suprises me a lot. I've always been looking for a useful assistant for my Android phone. Luckily, my friend recommend to this Coolmuster Android Assistant. This is just the one I need. It helps me easily export any files from Android to computer as a backup, import files from the computer and directly edit the files on the computer without any hassle.
    2017-01-17 10:14:49
    Wonderful Tool works on My Android and Windows 7
    by Amruta
    This is a wonderful tool that works seamlessly between my Android smartphone and Windows 7 desktop. Installation was really fast and the user-friendly interface provides a detailed overview of all the desired smartphone categories. It has allowed me to efficiently update my list of Contacts, export all SMS messages, upload photo gallery files from my smartphone to my PC, and download music. The developers were incredibly helpful and quick in providing an updated version when I let them know my 28" 4k Ultra HD monitor was causing some display issues - all 100% fixed now. I highly recommend this tool as well as the dedicated team behind it.
    2016-12-19 16:40:08
    Handy tool
    by Qiwei
    When I was searching for a handy data transfer tool to transfer all Android files to the computer as a backup, this Coolmuster Android Assistant shows up. And it really doesn't let me down! Love it!
    2016-09-20 17:41:22
    USB connection is more stable
    by Owl J.
    Generally speaking, this software is good. The only flaw, if I have to point one, is that the Wifi connection is pretty time-consuming~ I'd rather choose USB connection. Will it be improved?
    2016-08-10 16:18:21
    Kinda love it
    by Fairy
    Well, firstly I just download the trial version to see whether it's worth my buying. The fact turns out that this software features on simple user interface and all-in-one functions. Now, I think I'm kinda love it and like using to backup my device!

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