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    2016-09-20 17:41:22
    USB connection is more stable
    by Owl J.
    Generally speaking, this software is good. The only flaw, if I have to point one, is that the Wifi connection is pretty time-consuming~ I'd rather choose USB connection. Will it be improved?
    2016-08-10 16:18:21
    Kinda love it
    by Fairy
    Well, firstly I just download the trial version to see whether it's worth my buying. The fact turns out that this software features on simple user interface and all-in-one functions. Now, I think I'm kinda love it and like using to backup my device!
    2016-07-18 17:53:28
    Simple UI
    by Jessie Chung
    Really simple user inteface, all I need is to follow the exact steps as instructed! This is indeed a good software, allowing me to freely backup important files. The best part of this software, I think, is the ability to send and receive messages directly from the computer. Thanks~
    2016-07-15 17:15:33
    Thanks Everyone
    by Marc T.
    I used to have problems running it on my Win 10. I sent a message to Coolmuster on Facebook and someone got back to me immediately! Thanks Everyone and it is really a good tool! :)
    2016-06-20 16:02:15
    Good software, in general
    by Rita
    Genrally speaking, it's a good software, though sometimes I need to try several times to get my phone detected by the software! It helps me easily manage any files directly on the computer as I wanted! Well, I want to know whether I have to purchase it again if the newest version is released?
    2016-04-25 09:05:34
    Its great, easy and very nice user interface
    by Nick
    Great ui and very user friendly all you have to do is plug in USB and play. No bugs @ all so far w/ this assistant app. Make sure its on always USB debugging when you plug in your phone. Its a little pricey however Im hoping to receive a partial refund for my order? They do offer 100 percent money back so I am waiting a reply from them. I am not sure what there working hours are?
    2016-04-07 07:15:56
    No fuss software
    by steve
    Always a sceptic with software, however it worked first time and did exactly what it should do and no bundled rubbish freebie junk either. Absolutely brilliant, thankyou.

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