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    2018-11-26 18:02:50
    Very Useful Tool to Have My Lost Photos Back
    by Chenel
    I have to say that the Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone iPad iPod is a very useful tool to have my lost photos back. See? I really want them back. Thanks any way.
    2018-11-19 18:39:31
    Easy to recover deleted photos from iPhone
    by Ben
    I was recommended to use this tool to recover lost data from iPhone. And it turnded out that it did work to recover deleted photos from my iPhone 7. Thumb Up!
    2018-10-22 10:57:27
    Recover deleted or lost data only from iTunes backup files
    by Maosuper
    This software can help us recover deleted or lost data only from iTunes backup files. Data like contacts,text messages, videos, call logs, photos, etc can be easily recovered. But not all data supported, and we also can't recover data without backup.
    2018-09-20 18:05:40
    by Morning
    As my friend said, it is really easy to use and also it helped me to get back my lost photos, contacts and more from my old iPhone. Thumb up!
    2018-08-15 13:31:37
    It helps me get back my lost messages.
    by Lostangel23
    Thanks to this recovery tool, I can have my lost messages back. They means a lot to me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
    2018-08-09 18:12:57
    free to download
    by Handy
    It is free to download, but it need to pay for recovering....Well, it is acceptable.
    2018-07-11 18:19:12
    Contacts safer
    by Linkapaper
    Look what it can do for me! It saved my contacts! Thanks so much!
    2018-05-31 18:25:13
    Wonderful tool
    by HHHss
    It is a wonderful recovery tool to rescue the lost data from iPhone. So easy! So cool!
    2018-04-02 10:21:39
    Nice tool
    by Calista
    Well, it is really nice to have it to recover my lost photos and also it is easy to use as well.
    2018-03-30 17:32:34
    by MARIA
    2018-03-01 11:33:30
    It gets back my lost contact numbers
    by Lola
    It gets back my lost contact numbers, it was great and I am so grateful. Thanks~
    2018-01-23 10:17:26
    support to select data before recovery
    by Arvin
    Well, the most satisfying thing of this program is that it allows me to select what I need from my lost data, instead of recovering all lost data that I don't need. Good.
    2017-12-13 17:23:48
    iCloud backup?
    by Harison
    Can It help with recovering from iCloud backup, please? I am not sure if my iTunes backup contains all files that I need. Thanks. Anyway, I get back many files from my iTunes backup with it, too.
    2017-11-28 17:48:50
    by Angel
    I still don't understand why I have lost all my contact numbers. Luckily, I get them all back with this recovery tool. Thax so much!!
    2017-08-25 18:07:59
    I like it
    by Anne
    I like this software. It is simple but helps me to recover my lost photos on my iPhone 5. I am so happy with that! haha
    2017-07-18 17:58:29
    Not bad
    by Cindy
    Not bad. It recovers the backup files to my iPhone 6s.
    2016-11-14 17:46:47
    Good in general
    by Adam
    Well, for those files that I have backed up to the iTunes, it did help to recover files to my iPhone within simple clicks. But it is unable to directly recover files from my iPhone device, right? So how can I get backup the lost files without an iTunes backup!
    2016-08-29 17:29:58
    cant thank you enough
    by Joan
    Thank you so much for the help with my iPhone. You are the only ones out of numerous sites,& carriers that could help me with my issue & not loose my data, contacts & all my pictures. I just can't thank you enough!!!
    2016-07-28 17:49:15
    iTunes backup is a must?
    by Cathy Wang
    It seems that it allows me to recover lost files only if I have an iTunes backup. So if I don't have a backup file, is it possible for me to recover the lost files from my phone?
    2015-06-29 19:04:46
    by Nick
    Good Job!
    2015-06-15 18:23:51
    Need More Functions
    by Jack
    The program can restore my lost data from the backup files successfully. But it is impossible to recover data from my iPhone directly. So I think your tool still need improve and it will be perfect in the future.
    2013-06-05 15:03:03
    Fantastic app I've ever used
    by DONNIM
    Tried other recovery software demos, but they hardly found anything. This iPad iPod iPhone Data Recovery found ALL. I bought it and have been able to recover ALL my files from iTunes backup files on Windows.

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