iOS Unlock Solutions

iOS Unlock Solutions

Can't remember your iPad or iPhone's lock screen password or lock screen layout? Just take it easy. You can find out solutions here to unlock iPhone, iPad lock screen without password, including 4-digit passcode, 6-digit Passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

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Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password
Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password

In this passage, you will learn how to easily remove Apple ID from iPhone without password. This is what you are looking for? Then just read the passage to get the quick fix!

Best iPhone Unlock Software You Should Know
Best iPhone Unlock Software You Should Know

Forget the iPhone lock screen password or the lock screen is irresponsive? You will find the best iPhone unlock software among the 8 top-ranking iPhone unlock programs and unlock your iPhone successfully.

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How to Bypass iPhone Passcode

Forget the iPhone passcode and locked yourself out of the iPhone? Don't fret! You will learn how to bypass the iPhone passcode in five hassle-free ways in this guide.

How to Fix iPhone Locked after Update

Locked out of iPhone after an update to iOS 15? Don't worry. You will unlock the iPhone locked after the update with the six effective solutions in this guide.

How to Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner

Find yourself stuck with the activation lock on the used iPhone, but you can't reach the previous owner? Here's how to remove activation lock without previous owner in all the possible ways.

How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

This stepwise tutorial includes all the feasible methods to unlock iPhone without passcode. If you forgot your iPhone passcode, click here to learn how to get into your locked iPhone using iOS Unlock tool, iTunes, iCloud, or Siri.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

Is there a way to bypass iCloud lock without a password? Yes. Read this guide to learn how to completely remove iCloud activation lock without password on iPad or iPhone in five simple methods.

How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen

iPhone screen is broken or cracked? Don't worry. Here are 4 possible solutions to unlock iPhone with broken screen.

How to Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password

Get a second-hand iPad and want to remove Apple ID from iPad without password? Check this post to learn four simple solutions to remove the unwanted or previous owner's Apple ID without a password.

Best 11 iCloud Bypass Tools to Remove iCloud Lock

Looking for an iCloud bypass tool to unlock the iCloud activation lock on your iDevice? This post introduces the top 11 iCloud Activation lock removal tools in their features, pros, cons, compatibility, etc. You will find the best one after reading the details.

How to Unlock iPad Passcode without Restore

Locked out of your own iPad by accident? Unlocking iPad with restore could be tiresome. Read this post to learn how to unlock iPad passcode without restore effectively.

How to Unlock iPhone without Siri

Locked out of iPhone and cannot get into a locked iPhone with Siri? Read the 3 simple ways in this article to learn how to unlock iPhone without Siri successfully.

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