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FAQs of Coolmuster Data Recovery

1. Why the recovered files can't be opened or Why I can't find the lost files?

A: 1) You may did some operations on the disc and the data may be overwritten by the new data.
2) The files are low-level formatted. Low-level formatting repeats wiping the data, and writes "0"s over every sector of data, the wiped data cannot be recovered. But high-level formatting data could be recovered as they only do the delete tab for the data, which has not been deleted.

Please don't do any operations on the disc or camera card if you lost data, or the data may be overwritten and cannot be recoverable again. If you didn't do anything but still can't find the data, please contact us with the following information.
1) How did you lose the files? Were they lost by deleting or formatting?
2) What are the formats of the source files?
3) Where are the files stored?

2. Can I recover files deleted a long time ago?

A: It depends on whether the lost data are overwritten or not. If it was lost a long time ago but no new operations were done on the device, then it is probably that the lost files can be recovered. But if you have saved new data onto the partition where the deleted files were or have done any other operations, the data may have been overwritten and the data may not be recoverable.

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