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Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor (for Windows/Mac)

Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor is designed to help iOS users extract the files from iTunes backup at ease. In this center, we'll show you how to make full use of the program in details.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-12-05
Coolmuster iPhone Contacts + SMS Recovery

This guide center tells you everything about Coolmuster iPhone Contacts + SMS Recovery software and how to operate this software!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-12-05
How to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone (with or without Backup)

iPhone fell into the water and caused data loss? Don't panic. Follow this guide to recover data from water damaged iPhone with or without backup.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-22
How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone via Multiple Methods

Today's topic is how to recover deleted voice memos on an iPhone, so you can get 4 secure and effective ways to recover your iPhone voice memos with or without backup.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-15
4 Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone 14/13/12/11/X

Losing important data from iPhone is a pain. But don't get discouraged because this guide will show you four effective solutions on how to recover deleted files from iPhone with or without backup.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-14
How to Restore from iCloud Backup without Reset? (5 Effective Methods)

Looking for a way to restore from iCloud backup without reset? Read this guide to learn how to restore data from iCloud without reset in three practical solutions.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-10
How to Extract Contacts from iPhone Backup | 4 Flexible Approaches

Lost your contacts from your iPhone? Don't panic. This guide has shared 4 ways on how to extract contacts from iPhone backup. You will regain your contacts soon.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-10
How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPad with or without Backup? (iOS 16 Supported)

How to recover deleted videos from iPad Pro/Mini/Air or other series when you accidentally or deliberately delete them? This post teaches you four easy methods to find them back.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-10
17 Optional Methods to Find the Videos Disappeared from iPhone Back

Video is gone from the iPhone Camera? Read this article to figure out the possible reasons and effective methods to get back the videos that disappeared from iPhone.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-08
How to Recover Snapchat Messages on iPhone in Four Hassle-free Ways?

How do you recover deleted Snapchat messages on an iPhone? This post makes the Snapchat deleted messages recovery easy with four practical methods.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-02
How to Fix iPhone Purple Screen of Death? 4 Easy Solutions

Want to fix the iPhone purple screen of death? Relax. you can directly get useful solutions in this post, and follow the steps to repair the purple screen.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-12-06
What If My iPhone 14/13/13 Pro/12 Screen Is Yellow? Here's The Fix!

In this article, you will learn about some of the causes of iPhone yellow screen and 7 ways to fix iPhone 14/13/13 Pro/12/11/X yellow screen of death effectively.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-24
How to Fix iPhone Pink Screen of Death without Difficulty (Solved)

If you want to repair iPhone pink screen of death, you can get help from this comprehensive article. It will tell you why the screen turns pink then shut off and how to repair it easily.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-22
How to Control iPhone with Broken Screen Effortlessly? (6 Proven Ways)

Accidentally break the iPhone screen? Don't worry. You will know how to control an iPhone with a broken screen in 6 effective ways in this post. Read more details to learn how to access and use your iPhone with a broken screen without difficulty.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-22
Repair "Unable to Activate iPhone" Error with Easy Fixes

Follow this tutorial when you are unable to activate an iPhone. You can breezily work out this iOS activation problem step by step. Let's get started.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-21
Ten Tricks for the Issue "Cannot Restore Backup to This iPhone Because the Software Is Too Old"

The backup cannot be restored to this iPhone because the software on the iPhone is too old? This post teaches you how to fix this issue in seconds.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-15
[Fixed] iPhone Messages Disappeared But Still Taking up Space

Find your iPhone messages disappeared but still taking up space? This article aims to help you find the solution to fix it and recover disappeared messages from iPhone 14/13/12/11/X.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-15
iOS 16 Bugs: Fast Repair iOS 16 Beta Issues with Easy Fixes

Before updating to iOS 12 or iOS 12.1, you may not have noticed that the new update contains various iOS update problems. Luckily, you can fix iOS update problems with the full solutions here.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-14
How to Fix iPhone Grey Screen of Death By Yourself? (8 Solutions)

My phone screen is grey. How to fix the grey screen on the iPhone 13/12/11/X? We share you with eight methods to fix the iPhone grey screen without a hassle.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-10
How to Fix iPhone Clicking on Its Own in 11 Practical Ways?

iPhone screen keeps pressing itself? This guide explores the underlying reasons and effective solutions to fix the iPhone clicking on its own error.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-10
[9 Solutions] iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone because An Error Occurred

If you encounter the iTunes could not backup the iPhone because an error occurred problem, then please read this guide carefully to learn 9 solutions to fix various iTunes errors.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-11-09
How to Fix iTunes/iPhone Stuck on Preparing iPhone for Restore?

Is preparing iPhone for the restore stuck? Ten solutions in this tutorial will easily troubleshoot the iTunes stuck on preparing iPhone for restore issue.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-10-08
iTunes Keeps Crashing on Computer? How to Fix It? (Tips and Tricks)

What can you do if iTunes keeps crashing on a PC or Mac? If you encounter this problem and don't know how to deal with it, read this guide to learn useful fixes.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-10-07
Fix iTunes Error 9 and iPhone Error 9: Fast Work Out Unknown Error

When the iTunes error 9 or iPhone error 9 appears, how can you deal with it? Is it trouble to solve? Browse this article, and you can utilize effective methods to handle this error.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-22
How to Fix the iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone Problem? [2022 Update]

Have you encountered the issue of connecting your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable but cannot find your iPhone on iTunes? You will learn how to fix the iTunes not recognizing iPhone error in twelve simple ways.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-13
iTunes Fails to Recognize iPhoto Library, How to Fix it?

iTunes fails to recognize iPhoto library? Then just read this passage and learn how to fix the problem within simple clicks!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
4 Solutions to Fix iTunes or iPhone Error 9006

Looking for the way to fix iTunes or iPhone Error 9006? There are 4 effective solutions and the cause of the error provided in this article.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-01
Full Guide on How to Fix iTunes Error 4005 or iPhone Error 4005

Wondering how to fix iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error 4005? Luckily, you are offered several effective solutions to fix iTunes or iPhone error 4005 in this article.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-31
[Solved] How to Fix iTunes Error 1671 or iPad Error 1671?

How to Fix iTunes Error 1671 or iPad Error 1671? There are 4 different solutions to resolve iTunes or iPad or iPhone error 1671 in this article and the common reasons of error 1671 as well.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-31
iPhone & iTunes Errors Fix: How to Fix iTunes and iPhone Errors?

Having the iTunes error or iPhone error issue? Don't worry, please check this full guide to learn how to fix iTunes errors or iPhone error easily step by step.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-31