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End User License Agreement

IMPORTANT: Please read and understand all the rights and restrictions specified in this Coolmuster Software End User License Agreement (Agreement or EULA or License). At the time of installation, you need to carefully read and decide to accept or not accept the terms of this Agreement. Unless or until you accept the terms of this Agreement, the Software may not be installed on your computer or mobile devices.

For reference, you can now print the text of this Agreement from this page.

This Agreement is a legal agreement between you and Coolmuster regarding your use of Coolmuster products (collectively "Software"). This Software includes the accompanying computer software and may include printed materials for the relevant documentation. Once you install the Software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you may not install or use the Software.

This Software is protected by copyright law and international copyright treaties and other intellectual property laws and treaties. This Software right is licensed for use only and is not for sale.

Grant of the License

Coolmuster grants you the non-exclusive right to use the Software, you can:

1. Install, use, display, and run a copy of the Software on a personal computer. This Software is a personal edition of software, which is used only by personally owned computers and may not be used in legal persons or other organizations (including but not limited to government agencies, companies, enterprises, institutions, other organizations, etc.), whether or not the organization is an economic organization; No matter if the use of the organization constitutes a commercial purpose.

If all personal computers are permanently fixed as legal persons or other organizations, they will be deemed as "legal persons or other organization's computers" and cannot enjoy this authorization. Any use beyond the scope of the above authorization is regarded as an illegal copy of the piracy. Coolmuster Software reserves the right to require the relevant person to bear the corresponding legal liability, including but not limited to civil liability, administrative liability, and criminal liability.

2. Make backup copies to prevent copy damage. These backup copies may not be made available to others in any way and are responsible for destroying backup copies when you lose your ownership of the legitimate copies.

3. In order to use this Software in an actual computer application environment or to improve its function and performance, necessary modifications are made; however, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, no permission shall be given to any third party without the permission of Coolmuster.

License Restrictions

1. Do not use, copy, modify, or transfer the Software or any part of it outside the terms of this Agreement.

2. Use the Software only on a personally owned computer; a software license may not be used together or simultaneously on different computers.

3. Use this Software on a multi-user environment or network system only if the following conditions are fully satisfied:
This Software is expressly licensed for use in a multi-user environment or network system;
Each node and terminal that uses this software has purchased a license.

4. You may not reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble this Software; you must not attempt to gain access or conduct any access to the original Software code.

5. No distribution, rental, information network dissemination, translation of the "Software."

6. Include all copyright logos on all copies of this Software.

Software Transfer

You may make a permanent transfer of all your rights under this Agreement. The conditions for the transfer are:

1. Transfer all parts of the Software (including computer software, and related documents printed materials may be attached);

2. If this Software is an upgraded version, any transfer must include all previous versions of the Software;

3. You must not keep any copies;

4. Your permission is automatically terminated after the transfer;

5. The assignee accepts the terms of this Agreement.

Support Services

1. Support is only available via email and only in the latest version. All registered Coolmuster users receive free limited technical support. Questions regarding the installation and use of the Software should be sent via email to support@coolmuster.com. If you have any questions about purchasing or updating our products, please email sales@coolmuster.com. We will try to execute all reasonable requests but we are not obliged to implement it.

2. Any additional software code (if any) provided to you as part of Support Services shall be deemed to be part of this Software and shall comply with the terms of this Agreement.

3. You expressly agree that Coolmuster may use the technical information (if any) provided by you to Coolmuster as part of support services for commercial purposes, including product support and development. In addition to being necessary when providing support services for you, Coolmuster does not mention you personally when using this technical information.

Software Replacement, Modification and Upgrade

1. Coolmuster reserves the right to provide you with an alternative version or modification of this Software by providing you with advance notice (including but not limited to the client's popup page, this Software official website, your provided email address) at any time. Versions or upgrades have the right to replace, modify, or upgrade the Software, and to charge fees for such replacements, modifications or upgrades.

If you do not accept the replacement or modified version or the upgraded version of this Software, please contact the customer service personnel of Coolmuster within 15 working days after you get the replacement version, the modified version or the upgraded version of the Software. You will continue to use the original version of the Software; if you do not contact Coolmuster customer service personnel within the above 15 working days, you are deemed to have completely accepted the replacement or modified or upgraded version of the Software.

2. Any replacement version or modified software code or upgrade version of this Software provided by Coolmuster Software will be deemed as part of the Software and subject to the terms of this Agreement (unless this Agreement replaced by another copy of the Agreement that accompanies the replacement or modification of this Software or an upgraded version.

3. If Coolmuster offers a replacement or modified version of this Software or any upgraded version, then (a) Your use condition of the Software in the replacement or modification version of this Software or any upgrade is that you accept to replaces or modifies or upgrade the version and accept any accompanying replacement Agreement (if any), and (b) Your use of all previous versions of the Software will be terminated.

Reservation of Rights

Coolmuster reserves the right to change this Agreement of the Software, the product as well as the prices without notice. All rights not expressly granted are owned by Coolmuster.

Copyright of This Software

1. You may not remove any copyrighted logos from this Software and shall mark all copyrighted products on its copies in accordance with its current representations.

2. Copyright in the Software (including but not limited to any images, photographs, animations, video, sound recordings, music, text and other additional programs contained in the Software), accompanying printed materials and any copies of the Software is owned by Coolmuster.

3. The Software and the documents are copyrighted and protected by the National Copyright Laws and International Treaty Provisions.

4. You may not remove the copyright notice from this Software; you are guaranteed to make a copy of the copyright notice for a copy (in whole or in part) of the Software.

5. You agree to stop the illegal copying of the Software and the documents in any form.

6. You may not copy the printed materials provided with this Software.

Unwarranted Guarantee

The express warranties described in this Agreement are the entire contents of the guarantee. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Software and the support services (if any) provided by Coolmuster and its suppliers are provided "AS IS" and in all-inclusive conditions, and are not promised to be otherwise express or implied. Or any statutory warranties and warranties: including but not limited to the merchantability or suitability of the Software for a particular application purpose, the accuracy of the response, the completeness of the results, the absence of viruses and omissions, No support service.

Limited Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Coolmuster or its suppliers shall not indirectly, accidentally, directly, specifically, or punitively cause or relate to the use or inability to use the Software. Or any other damage (including but not limited to damage caused by personal injury or damage to property, loss of profits, loss of data, interruption of business, computer defects or malfunction, loss of business information, failure to perform including integrity or any liability that takes due care to cause damage caused by the disclosure of privacy, damage due to negligence, or damage caused by any financial loss or any other loss), even if Coolmuster or any of its supplies was first informed of the possibility of the damage.

Even if the remedy fails to achieve the intended purpose, the exclusion clause of this damages will remain valid. Regardless of the circumstances, Coolmuster and its suppliers assume all liability under any terms of this Agreement and the compensation that may be available to you (in the event of breach of the after-sales warranty, Coolmuster may replace the product in accordance with this Agreement.) is limited to the amount you paid for the purchase of the Software.

At the same time, Coolmuster does not assume any responsibility for any claims or damages caused by you or third parties arising from the application or operation of this Software or other content related to this content.

Termination of License

1. If you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Coolmuster may terminate this Agreement. When you terminate this Agreement, you must immediately destroy all copies of the Software or return them to Coolmuster.

2. By providing you the Agreement with a replacement or modified version of any of the Software or an updated version of the Software, and providing the requirement that the condition that you use such replacement, modification or upgrade version is that you accept such replacement Agreement, Coolmuster may terminate this Agreement.

Applicable Governing Law

The formation, implementation and interpretation of this Agreement and the resolution of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

If you and Coolmuster Software have any disputes over the content of this Agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall conduct friendly negotiations; when the negotiation fails, any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration in according with its effective rules to the extent not prohibited by local law in your jurisdiction.

Special Note

In order to continuously improve the quality of the Software and services, we will be able to collect information about your use of the Software and to give feedback from time to time.

We will not collect personal information such as your name, address, contact information, etc., as well as the content of the documents, such as information security.

The information collected above is only for the needs of market analysis, so that we can provide you with better functions and services in the future. Coolmuster strictly keeps this data confidential.

The scope of information collected under this Article is based on the timely technical level of Coolmuster. Coolmuster will do its utmost to strive for the accuracy of judgments. However, because of the limitations of the actual technology, Coolmuster will only perform screening based on its own judgment ability. You have clearly understood the above content and approved the operation of Coolmuster, and are willing to bear the losses that may result from this.

At this point, you must have read and understood this Agreement in detail and agreed to strictly abide by the terms and conditions. If there is any doubt about this Agreement, please contact us with email: contact@coolmuster.com.


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