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Vivo Cloud Backup and Restore: Easily Transfer Your Vivo Data

Are you looking for how to do Vivo Cloud backup? It is very easy. Check out this blog post and learn how to start backing up your data to the cloud today.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-19
Back Up and Restore Android Data with One Click [Top 3 Ways in 2023]

The purpose of this article is to tell you the methods that how to back up and restore Android data. In fact, only 1-Click can finish the Android backup and restore quickly.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-19
How to Back Up Android Phone - A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

Backing up an Android phone is a must for any Android user. It's the best way to ensure that all your data and contacts remain safe. But how to back up Android phone? Here are some tips to help you out!

By Keisha Alice | 2023-01-04
How to Restore Android Phone with Ease (Backup and Restore Tips)

It's easy to restore Android. With the 4 methods mentioned in this article, you won't have a hard time backing up and restoring your Android data the way you see fit.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-30
Best Ways for OnePlus Backup to PC [Full Guide]

Looking for a way to conduct OnePlus backup to PC? Read this article and you will learn the best solution to back up contacts, call logs, photos, music, videos, etc. from OnePlus 8/8 Pro/7/6/5T/3/3T to PC.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-30
How to Sync Android Phone to PC? [Best 6 Ways for You!]

Want to find the easiest way to sync Android to PC? Read this comprehensive guide and you will learn 6 ways on how to sync Android phone to computer easily and quickly.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-11
How to Create Samsung Contacts Backup? [7 Ways for You]

This article is to show you the top 7 methods on how to back up contacts on Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8/S7, etc. without hassle. In fact, only 1 click can also realize the Samsung contacts backup quickly.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-11-10
How to Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset? (7 Methods)

How to back up Android phone before factory reset Android? Well, it is quite necessary to back up Android before factory reset. Want to back up and reset Android? Here's the ultimate guide for you.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-11-10
Considering OPPO Contact Backup? 3 Amazing Ways May Help You (Step by Step)

OPPO contact backup is a must before you repair the old phone or change to a new phone. This post explains how to perform OPPO contact backup and restore in top 3 ways.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-10-21
How to Back Up WhatsApp Messages from Android to Mac - 5 Proven Ways

Do you want to find a reliable way to back up WhatsApp from Android to Mac? This article introduces 6 ways to help complete Android WhatsApp transfer for Mac. Please read this article to dig more.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-10-13
Comparison on Samsung File Transfer Tools

Here is a comparison on popular Samsung file transfer tools like Samsung Kies, Sidesync, SmartSwitch and Android Assistant. You can choose best Samsung File Transfer tool for you.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-23
Fleetly Back Up Outlook Contacts with Practical Methods [Tested]

Want to back up Outlook contacts? Follow our guide closely and learn the varied techniques to backup up all Outlook contacts for future restoration.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-16
How to Move Pictures to SD Card on Android without Trouble [4 Ways]

Understand how to move pictures to an SD card on Android with these simple steps. It only takes a few taps to ensure all your memories are safe. Let's check it out.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-14
[Guide in 2023] How to Transfer Videos from Samsung to Computer?

Need to transfer videos from your Samsung device to a computer but don't know how? It's very easy. Here are seven simple and effective methods on how to transfer videos from Samsung to computer.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-13
Android Music Sync - 4 Ways to Sync Music between PC and Android

Looking for the easiest way to sync music to Android? This tutorial explains how to sync Android music between PC and Android or from Tablet to Android in the top four ways.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-03-09
How to Transfer Photos from Google Pixel to Computer (5 Easy Ways)

Want to know how to transfer photos from Google Pixel to computer? This article introduces 5 easy and effective ways. Read this article to learn how to transfer photos from Google Pixel to computer.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-02-21
Can You Read Text Messages Online? 5 Methods for Android and iPhone Users

How to read text messages online for Android/iPhone? There's no shame in not knowing where to begin. If you're an Android or iPhone user, you are all covered with this quick and easy guide.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-01-26
Move Files to SD Card on Android Device with 4 Easy Methods [Trusted Guide]

Are you going to move files to the SD card on an Android phone? If you don't have any efficient way, you can read this article. It will give you 4 practical suggestions.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-01-04
How to Transfer Files From Android to USB Flash Drive/USB Stick?

Do you want to transfer files from Android to USB flash drive? It's easy to do with the right tools. If you wish to transfer photos, music, videos, or any other type of file, this guide will show you how to do it quickly.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-27
[2022] How to Transfer Contacts from Sony Xperia to PC in 5 Clever Ways?

Want to know how to transfer contacts from Sony Xperia to PC? There are many ways to get it done, like Sony PC Companion, Google, Android Assistant, etc. Read and learn how to achieve this goal directly.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-11
7 Powerful Moborobo Alternatives: Transfer and Manage Files for Android Devices

Want to get an easy and powerful Moborobo alternative to back up and manage your files? Then you can browse this list containing 7 alternatives. Let's take a look.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-02-21
Top 11 File Manager/Explorer/Browser for Android Phone & Tablet

Are you looking for the best way of managing your Android files? The best file managers for Android include Coolmuster Android Assistant, Amaze File Manager, Files by Google, X-plore File Manager and many others.

By Keisha Alice | 2023-01-26
8 Best LG PC Suite Alternatives to Manage LG Phone Easily

There are many LG PC suite alternatives but not all are the best. We've rounded up the best alternatives to LG PC suite that you can use to manage, sync and transfer data from your LG device.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-30
Import Contacts to Android Device Effortlessly | 6 Convenient Methods

It is easy to import contacts to Android now. With this guide, you can get 6 effective ways directly to import your phone contacts. Let's check it out.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-28
6 Best Samsung PC Suites in 2022: Most People Don't Know

Want to make a purchase of a new Samsung and intend to find an excellent Samsung PC Suite now? Take a few minutes to read this review, and you will be rewarded probably.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-11
Best Sony Ericsson PC Suite Alternative

To help you better manage the Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Coolmuster studio developed the Android Assistant, which is regarded as the best Sony Ericsson PC Suite Alternative to help you manage Sony phone easily.

How to View Text Messages on Computer for Android Phone Users? (Solved)

How to view text messages on computer with Android phone? To do so, you need to export and save them as readable files on the computer. This article tells you how to do it in 3 different ways.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-10-11
Best Android SD Card Manager: Manage your Android with Ease (2022 Updated)

Some Android devices support a removable SD card and give you more control over your phone. If you want to use a reliable Android SD card manager to manage your device, you will find the ideal one in this post.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-05
[SOLVED] How to Delete Apps on Samsung Galaxy Quickly?

Wonder how to delete apps on Samsung phones? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to delete, disable, and hide apps on your Samsung phone in one go.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-05
Get the Best Photo Manager for Android | A List Contains 8 Options

Want to manage your Android photos with a handy tool? Then you can pick the best photo manager for Android from this list, which has displayed 8 effective management tools.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
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