iPad/iPhone/iPod Transfer

iPad/iPhone/iPod Transfer

Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod has become the most popular devices on the market. People like to watch movies, listen to music, take photos with their iDevices in the daily life. In this section, you'll learn how to transfer files from one device to another easily for better sharing. And you can get a variety of great software and tools to enhance your Mac and iOS devices experience.

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Transfer Music from iPhone to PC
Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

Fail to find an effective way to transfer music from iPhone to computer for backup? Don't worry. You can find an ideal solution in this article.

Copy Photos from iPad to PC/iTunes
Copy Photos from iPad to PC/iTunes

Want to transfer all your favorite photos from iPad to computer or iTunes library? Just read this article to get more info.

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Use Wifi Calling on iPhone

Wifi calling is another service to faciliate user experience of every iPhone/iPad users. Now, just read this passage and learn how to use Wifi calling on iPhone!

How to Easily Save Facebook Messages to Computer

This post is just a guide, telling you how to easily save Facebook messages to computer within 1-2-3 steps. Want to know more? Just read the passage!

How to Airdrop iPhone to Computer and Airdrop from Computer to iPhone

In this passage, you will learn how to easily airdrop from iPhone to computer or from computer to iPhone. Want to know how? Just read the passage!

Install iOS 10.3 on iPhone/iPad

Want to install the newest iOS 10.3 on your iPhone/iPad? You are surely in the right place! Read this passage to get fully prepared for iOS 10.3 installation and how to update to iOS 10.3!

Easiest Way to Save Instagram Photos

In this passage, you will know how to save Instagram photos on iPhone/iPad or directly on the computer as wanted and needed. If this is what you are looking for, just read the passage!

Easy Way to Hide Messages on iPhone

Want to hide unwanted messages on your iPhone? You are surely in the right place! This passage tells you how to effortlessly hide messages on iPhone.

Transfer Kik Data from iPhone to Computer

This passage tells you a super easy way to transfer Kik data from iPhone to computer within simple clicks! Now, you can read the passage to know how easy it is!

Easily Add iPhone Contacts to Whatsapp

In this passage, you will learn a super easy way to add iPhone contacts to Whatsapp within simple clicks. This is what you are looking for? Just read the passage!

What's the Best iPhone File Browser?

After reading this passage, you will get several useful iPhone data managers for your iPhone/iPad devices, so as to freely manage iOS data as needed and wanted!

Easily Run iPhone Games on Mac Computer

If you are exactly looking for an easy way to play games on Mac with bigger screen. You are surely in the right place! This passage tells you how to easily and quickly run apps on Mac!

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