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Refund Policy

Coolmuster provides you with trial versions to help you experience our products before purchasing the full versions. If you request a refund and meet our refund terms, we will refund you the full purchase price in the currency of your purchase. We do not charge any fee for this service. Your refund request will be handled through our support team via email at support@coolmuster.com within one business day on weekdays.

All sales are final. Once the registration details and download instructions are published, they cannot be cancelled. The exceptions to the refund policy are handled on a case-by-case basis and will only be dealt with in case of emergency or extenuating circumstances. If you are not satisfied with the use of the product, you can make a full refund under the conditions approved by Coolmuster.

Coolmuster offers you a full refund within 90 days: Refunds require a description such as the following reasonable grounds and must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.

Tip: Due to the immediacy of data recovery, the following products can provide up to 7-day money back guarantee:
Android SMS+Contacts Recovery, Lab.Fone for Android, iPhone SMS+Contacts Recovery, iPad iPod iPhone Data Recovery, Data Recovery.

- Product is not compatible with your computer hardware, or the product has major technical issues, which cannot be resolved by our support team within 30 days after purchase;

- You purchased a wrong product and then purchased the correct product from Coolmuster within 90 days. We can refund your wrong product. However, if these two products are irrelevant, we will not approve the refund;

- If you have purchased two identical products by mistake, we can refund you one of the product;

- Products do not offer the features described on our product pages, purchased materials, or ads;

- You can't timely receive the registration code, and you can't receive response from our support team after reporting this to us within one business day. (Tip: To retrieve registration code, you might search it on https://account.mycommerce.com.)

We reserve the right to refuse refunds as follows:

- Refunds over 90 days after purchase will not be accepted.

- Without reasonable reasons, refund request and cancellation of order are not approved.

- You fail to read the product description in details before purchasing, which results in your dissatisfaction with the product's functions and/or results.

- There is no refund after purchasing a product from a third-party distributor. Please contact your dealer for a refund request. In this case, we will also do our best to help you contact the dealer to handle the refund.

- You claim that you have purchased the so-called "wrong" product from Coolmuster, then purchased the similar product from other product providers without contacting us.

- You request a refund for technical problems, but you don't contact with our support team for assistant or you provide no specific description of the relevant error.

- You request a refund for a single piece of software in the software bundle.

- Your refund request for the automatic renewal product will not be approved. When you purchase our products, the payment platform (Mycommerce) will remind you of the Auto Renewal Service and show you how to cancel it. What's more, Mycommerce will send you an email 14 days before the order expires, and you can cancel the Automatic Renewal Service at any time before the order expires. Therefore, if you do not cancel the service in time, you should be responsible for your actions.

- Your refund request will not be approved due to data recovery series products only recover parts of lost data instead of all of them, including products like Android SMS+Contacts Recovery, Lab.Fone for Android, iPhone SMS+Contacts Recovery, iPad iPod iPhone Data Recovery, Data Recovery. Generally, if the trial version can scan out the lost data, the full version can find them back. So it is highly recommended to check the result before purchasing the full version.

Once the refund is issued, the corresponding registration code will be invalidated, please completely uninstall and remove the software on your computer.

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