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    2022-11-21 19:26:22
    by Atssar Khawaja
    2022-09-13 18:57:39
    ¡Excelente software de respaldo de datos!
    by Stephane
    Obtuve esta clave de licencia gratuita de un sorteo del foro. Es genial. Con su ayuda, puedo hacer una copia de seguridad de los datos de mi teléfono Android en la computadora fácilmente.
    2022-08-01 19:13:53
    Es genial.
    by Suraj Yadav
    Conocía este software de un sitio de tecnología que visito con frecuencia. Cuando sé que su función de copia de seguridad es gratuita, no podía esperar a probarla. Y yo también lo hice. Es genial.
    2022-06-15 19:31:27
    The free backup feature is great!
    by Mukesh Kumar
    I can't back up my contacts and text messages via USB cable, and this software helps me do that easily. Anymore, it's free. Love it.
    2022-04-13 18:59:27
    Back up my contacts to pc easily
    by Ivanier
    I searched a lot, and found this software. It helped me to back up my contacts to the computer. And it's free. Thanks.
    2022-03-27 14:39:45
    trés bien
    by Belcourt
    Excellent produit. Installation facile, grande fonctionnalité. Il fait exactement ce dont j'avais besoin, avec une grande facilité.
    2022-03-27 14:38:10
    2022-01-11 19:43:53
    Need more languages!
    by Adriano Matos
    Sorry for my poor English. The software is good, but it will be better if it supports more languages like Japanese, Spanish, etc. Thank you very much.
    2021-11-17 10:21:03
    It helps me to back up my Samsung data to the computer easily.
    by Ray Shaw
    This software helped me to back up my Samsung data to the computer via USB cable easily. And it's free. Thank you very much.
    2021-09-30 20:36:49
    Cool Product for your Android Phone
    by Nishant Panchal
    I used this software to transfer all the data of my Uncle's phone to my laptop as his phone was facing some sound issues. All the data was safely transferred to my laptop. Restoring the data back to phone after fixing the sound issue was easy with a click on restore option. The best part is data is safe and transfer's smoothly from Phone to Laptop and back to Phone. I recommend this software to everyone. Luckily I could help my Uncle using this software and got a blessing from him ;)
    2021-08-17 11:07:08
    App data can not be taken backup!
    by Sandra Daigle
    Only apps can be taken backup, but the app data can not be backed up.
    2021-06-07 09:53:39
    It can be better.
    by Muito obrigado
    It will be better if whatsapp or wechate messages are supported. Thank you in advance.
    2021-04-23 14:15:25
    Excellent software. Very easy to use.
    by John
    Excellent software. Very easy to use. Got 2 phones backed up with it. Came in very handy when I transferred to a new phone. Would recommend to anyone looking for an easy backup solution.
    2021-04-21 18:20:42
    Easy install, great functionality.
    by Eoin Joyce
    Excellent product. Easy install, great functionality. It actually does exactly what I required, with great ease.
    2021-04-20 14:03:56
    Product is easy to use
    by Joseph Hargis
    Product is easy to use and allowed me to create a backup of my phone and tablet prior to updating me devices. I am very pleased with the application.
    2021-03-18 10:11:12
    Not bad
    by Amar
    The backup and restore function is cool. But it will be better if I can check the data.
    2021-01-07 10:07:29
    Another iTunes for Android
    by Charles
    I got this software from the giveaway on Twitter. I tried it and found it was great. With its help, data backup and restore becomes easy. Kind like another iTunes for Android. Good job.
    2020-12-03 11:47:39
    It's free to back up files!!!
    by Bob
    It's free to back up files!!! So great. My friend has told me so. And it's true.
    2020-10-27 09:42:15
    App data can be back uped will be better
    by Winter
    Yes, the app can be taken backup, but the app data can not be. If the app data also can be, it will be better.
    2020-09-08 09:53:21
    Backup is fast
    by Shaun
    I tried its free backup function. It's fast. I taken backup my Samsung S9 quickly to my computer. And it's easy to use. Thanks.
    2020-08-06 09:59:13
    When is the Mac version out?
    by Mirror
    I changed my Windows PC to a Mac pc, now I can't use it, cause there is no Mac version. I want it.
    2020-07-08 09:45:14
    Only Android 4.0 above is supported.
    by Law
    It seems only Android 4.0 above is supported. Cause my old Samsung phone can not use it. Never mind, it's too old.
    2020-06-29 09:13:02
    Fast Backup and Restore
    by Jane
    Back up and restore the data incredily quickly.
    2020-06-16 09:41:03
    Backup & Restore Fast
    by shally
    It is so nice to back up and restore my Android phone. I like it. If it can view the detailed files on the interface, it would be perfect.
    2020-06-08 10:55:37
    I like it.
    by Uncore
    I got a 1-Year license code from your giveaway page. I tried it. It's good. I can back up my data on Samsung S10 with one click. And the restore is also fast if there is a backup taken by this tool. I like it.
    2020-05-25 15:58:55
    Free to back up
    by AllanWalker
    So glad to know that it is free to back up files on the phone, and also it is easy and quick to do that. Thumb up.
    2020-05-22 12:00:03
    Great and easy tool to back up files
    by AlexBruce
    This is great! This tool is awesome to make a safe backup of the phone data for it is very easy to use and also quick to back up. Importantly, it is free! WOW
    2020-05-19 10:17:44
    Nice free Android backup tool
    by Tonda
    Cool. This software offers me a free Android backup function. With its help, I can back up data on my phone to computer easily. Nice. Luckily, I can find this software after it's released.

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