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    2022-05-11 19:12:59
    Photos transfer from iPhone to Mac becomes easy.
    by Mauricio Luque
    There were a lot of photos on my iPhone 12.I wanted to transfer them to the Mac computer for backup, So I can free up the space on my iPhone 12. This software helped me do that easily. Thank you so much.
    2021-10-14 10:20:24
    iTunes Alternatives for Mac
    by Hemant Kumar
    Coolmuster iOS Assistant for Mac is a good iTunes Alternatives for Mac. Data on iPhone can be easily transferred to the computer for backup. Love it.
    2021-08-12 10:02:06
    Music files can not be imported to my iPhone 12
    by Ahmed
    Hey, music files can not be imported to my iPhone 12. Please add it. Thank you.
    2021-04-26 10:04:24
    Good job!
    by Rodrigo Pacheco
    It works well on my iPhone 12, iOS 14. The iOS 14.5 will be out. Hope it will work on iOS 14.5 well, too.
    2021-03-23 09:53:45
    by Eric Reilly
    I was worried when I switched from my Android to my iPhone 11. I knew I could use iTunes or iCloud to help me take backup of my iPhone 11, but I just wanted to back up them to my Mac. Luckily, this software helps me out.
    2021-01-29 17:03:48
    Works Great
    by Garciabecky
    Works Great, don't bother with the trial, buy it.
    2021-01-16 09:27:19
    It is easy to use
    by Ben
    This app is very easy to use, and helps me a lot to backup my photos to my Mac all at once. And it works smothly. Highly recommend it!
    2021-01-05 09:58:45
    Importing iTunes backup to iPhone is great
    by Nerio Ramos
    To be honest, data restore from iTunes to a new iPhone is hard. Luckily, this one solves the problem. Thank you,guys.
    2020-11-05 09:51:40
    Another iTunes, even more convenient!
    by Kicon
    Nice software. With its help, data transfer from iPhone to pc is easy. It looks like aother iTunes, even more convenient!
    2020-10-22 09:50:06
    It Supports iOS 14
    by Naini
    I am so happy to know that the new verison supports iOS 14. Thank you for your hard working.
    2019-11-29 16:49:42
    It's a good choice.
    by Cherry
    I think it's kind like iTunes. Actually, it helps me transfer data on iPhone from Mac computer easily. I like it. It's a good choice.
    2019-11-08 15:00:45
    Complete Functions
    by Sunshine
    Great great great! It has complete functions to deal with iPhone data. I'm lucky to have it.
    2019-07-05 10:08:34
    simple but useful
    by Ada
    Well, it is quite a simple tool but it is easy to use anyway.
    2019-06-11 09:40:19
    useful tool to transfer data from iPhone to Mac
    by Linda
    This Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer is a useful tool to transfer data from iPhone to Mac for backup or to share data with others. It runs fast and also it is easy to use.
    2019-04-26 18:07:23
    Wow, cool.
    by Xuman
    This tool helps us transfer data on my iPhone 8 to mac for backup easily. It's really easy. After I link my iPhone 8 to mac via usb cable, it will scan out all data on it in a short time. Then I can choose data I want to transfer to mac directly. Wow, cool.
    2018-12-21 18:20:56
    Nice program
    by Joy
    When will this program update? It is nice but I think it would be better if it update for more functions. (My suggestion)
    2018-11-22 18:22:09
    One Click is real
    by LEAF
    Well, it is a little bit slow to load my photos (there are a large amount of them), but it is really easy to backup them. So nice!
    2018-10-24 18:29:07
    Support iOS 12
    by Nataly
    The Coolmuster iOS Assistant works well with iOS 12, too, which is very nice. I have a new iPhone Xs. :)
    2018-05-28 18:24:19
    Easy to use
    by Andrew
    It is easy to use and also funcional. I like it. :)
    2018-04-18 18:13:36
    easy to use
    by Annie
    it is a simple app and it is very easy to use. I just open the app and perform it on my own. :)
    2018-04-16 18:00:16
    transfer all photos at a time
    by Mincky
    It transfers all photos from iPhone to computer at a time with the program, but it seems it is a little slow. Maybe it is because there are hundreds of pictures on my phone. I need to clear them up on my phone.
    2018-03-20 18:24:51
    1 Click Backup & Restore
    by Ben
    This 1 Click Backup & Restore feature is so great! Easy to backup and also easy to restore! So easy!
    2018-03-08 11:57:41
    nice data transfer for iPhone
    by Alice
    It is very easy but useful tool to transfer data from iPhone to Mac for backup, also this helps a lot to free up iPhone memory, too.
    2018-03-01 17:24:21
    Nice contacts manager
    by MacKay
    It helps me to backup contacts and also saves them in the format I need. Nice! Also it is easy to use.:)
    2018-02-26 18:28:56
    iTunes Backup Manager
    by Allan
    It can help to manage iTunes backup files for iPhone. So I can easily delete, import or export iTunes backup files for my iPhone 8. It is very useful.
    2018-02-09 18:26:37
    good to backup and restore iTunes backup
    by Yahya
    Well, I can use this tool to backup and restore iTunes backup for my iPhone 7 Plus, it is quite convenient for me. Thanks.
    2018-01-30 18:23:26
    backup data to iTunes
    by kate
    It helps me to backup all iPhone files to iTunes, it is a large amount of data... but it works very quickly and it is also very easy to use. Great.
    2018-01-26 17:31:16
    Good Backup tool
    by Alysha
    It is good to backup data for Apple devices, because it allows you to preview and select data from your iPhone before backing up. So I can abandon some files that I don't want. Nice.
    2017-12-26 13:37:43
    Great iOS Data Manager
    by Jim
    Well, this app can help edit, delete, add and manage iOS data, it is really a great data manager for iPhone.
    2017-12-18 18:13:58
    good backup tool
    by Daniel
    It is my first time to give a good review to an application. Anyway, it helps me a lot to backup my iPhone data like contacts, messages, videos, photos and etc. It did a good job.
    2017-12-13 17:27:36
    Good backup tool
    by NeiNei
    I have to say that it helps me a lot to backup my iPhone files for I have a lot of photos stored on my iPhone but my iPhone has not enough storage space for them. :)
    2017-12-07 18:24:42
    support HEIF files
    by ghight
    This program can backup HEIF files on Mac computer. good
    2017-11-29 17:59:41
    iTunes U
    by Linda
    It seems like this program has not support iTunes U transfer yet...Well but the other functions are great anyway.:)
    2017-11-16 17:30:53
    good contact backup tool
    by Jacky
    Well, I think it is a good backup tool for the contacts as well as the notes, calendars, etc. on iPhone. It is useful.
    2017-11-10 18:16:05
    can not import pictures to iPhone
    by Nina
    Well, a little disappointed, for It will not import pictures to my iPhone. It seems that the function has not improved yet.
    2017-10-25 18:10:29
    it can transfer non-purchased items
    by Wooden
    well, it is a great tool. Unlike iTunes, you can use it to transfer non-purchased music, movies and other files from iPhone to computer without restriction. Highly recommend it.
    2017-09-27 19:36:36
    amazing app without using itunes
    by Andrew
    I don't like to use iTunes to transfer contents for some nonpurchased files are not able to be transferred, but this software can. Great!
    2017-09-19 17:52:43
    Allows to select specific items to transfer
    by Nina
    This app allows to select some specific items or the whole files to transfer from iPhone to Mac, unlike iTunes that directly export all data to Mac. And it is really easy to use! I like it very much!:)
    2017-08-09 17:08:55
    Pretty easier to use than iTunes
    by Asakuu
    Pretty easier to use than iTunes. Now, I can effortlessly sync my contacts, calendars and notes on my iPhone to my Mac machine, and copy them from Mac to iPhone as well. Managing iOS device is no longer a difficult thing.

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