Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac (Free)

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    2021-01-19 10:22:19
    Display all junk and private data
    by David Switch
    This free software can display all junk and private data on my iPhone, so I can choose what I don't want to clean. I like it.
    2020-11-03 09:53:01
    Free software is great!
    by Tina
    I love free software. Thank you for your sharing.
    2018-07-11 18:16:49
    make more space
    by Alex
    It worked when cleaning junk files on iPhone and make more space.
    2018-06-15 18:04:44
    Is the program still updating?
    by Albert
    Is the program still updating?
    2018-04-26 17:50:44
    Too simple
    by Mike
    This program is too simple and lacks of multiple functions...But anyway, it is helpful to clear up junk files on iPhone as well.
    2018-04-16 18:03:58
    Free up space
    by SW
    This program claims that it can clear up all junk files and free up iPhone memory, but I found that it doesn't save me a lot of space on my phone after cleaning. Is it because I store too many photos and videos on my phone?
    2018-04-02 10:23:59
    Clear junk files
    by Ben
    It does help clean junk files for iPhone 7 and it saves a lot of space for me. So nice
    2018-03-20 18:22:44
    Junk files cleaner
    by Calista
    This cleaning tool is very useful and it helps me to clear up many junk files and also free up iPhone space. Great!
    2018-03-09 18:10:59
    It will not delete personal files when cleaning junk files
    by Justin
    It will not delete personal files when cleaning junk files, so I don't need to worry about data lost while speeding up my iPhone.
    2018-03-08 12:56:57
    Nice tool to free up iPhone space
    by Blake
    This cleaning tool helps to clean up junk files on my iPhone and save a lot of space with it. Now it runs faster than before.
    2018-03-01 17:19:25
    Good junk files cleaner
    by Victor
    It is such a good junk files cleaner, I think. I use it to clear junk files on my iPhone 6 and now it is running faster than before.
    2018-01-30 18:19:04
    Good cleaner
    by carina
    This app is quite easy to operate and it helps me a lot to clear up my junk files without deleting my personal files. Very good!
    2018-01-26 17:41:05
    good junk files Cleaner
    by Yoga
    This cleaning tool helps me to clear up a lot of junk files from my iPhone and also speed up my iPhone, too. So great!
    2017-12-26 11:40:05
    only clean junk files
    by Linc
    It can't delete photos and other personal files from iPhone, only the junk files.
    2017-12-25 18:11:33
    Good Caches cleaner
    by Danil
    Well, I think it is a great and professional caches cleaner for iPhone. It helps me to clear up a large amount of junk files like caches stored on my iPhone, and save much more space on my device without deleting any personal files.
    2017-12-13 17:14:41
    clean whatsapp caches and other app caches
    by Grandy
    My WhatsApp is running slower and slower, luckily, my son helped me to clean the clean whatsapp caches and other app caches from my iPhone 6 Plus. Now, it runs like a new one. :)
    2017-11-28 17:44:48
    Need some improvement
    by Carol
    Well, it is good at cleaning junk files on iOS device, but I think it might need some improvement in cleaning private files like photos, call history and etc. It's my suggestion.
    2017-11-27 18:05:38
    Good to clean junk files
    by watson
    For cleaning junk files on iPhone, it is a good cleanning tool enough, simple but useful.
    2017-11-16 17:36:22
    Windows version?
    by Mike
    I am using a Windows computer now. But I can't find a Windows version of this program...Where can I find the Windows version. I want this program to clean my phone.
    2017-11-16 17:33:46
    Simple but useful
    by Angel
    It is a simple tool, but it is very useful to clean up the junk files from iPhone, I think. And it helps me a lot to release more space on my iPhone 6 Plus. Great!
    2015-12-09 17:35:44
    Life Assistant
    by Nana
    It really a life saver for me, there are too much junk files on my iPhone 5S, and now I can use this app to clean them anytime I want, so that I get lots of free space on my iPhone for downloading new apps.
    2015-11-27 17:58:56
    by Danial
    Grate App thank for this, i am glade to use this.
    2015-11-25 16:23:44
    LOOK forward more functions
    by Sunday
    Only the basic function is available. Can't satisfy all my needs actually. You said more functions will be availble soon, I'll try it again when that functions is really available.
    2015-11-12 16:58:18
    When the deep scan will be available
    by Vivian
    I just want to know when the "Deep Scan" function will be available in the program? I really need it to conduct a deeply cleaning on my iPhone 6 plus.
    2015-10-29 10:14:26
    Useful but can be better
    by Viola
    Cleaning junk files like caches, cookies, temp files, etc., this program works well. But I wish other data like call history, searching records, etc. can also be wiped at one time. So I really appreciate the update of your app ASAP.
    2015-10-27 16:09:11
    Nice Job
    by Jane
    My iPhone 6 runs slowly and slowly recently, so I find your app on the Internet. To be honest, I don't believe it will works just like you said, but the fact proved that I'm totally wrong. It really helps me lots to clean and speed up my phone. I'll keep it on my Mac if I'm using an iPhone.
    2015-07-07 15:57:31
    Amazing Product
    by Calvin
    To be honest, I was a bit worried about using this program at first. The reality proved that my worry was unwarranted. It successfully reclaimed 3.85 GB space on my 16GB iPad! I have to say - it's a pretty amazing product. Thank you!

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