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    2018-09-19 18:19:06
    Can I only erase my messages from iPhone 7?
    by Linclon
    Hello, can I only erase my messages from iPhone 7?
    2018-09-10 18:24:33
    All data on my iPhone 8 gone without recovery
    by Carolen
    I want to change my iPhone 8 to an Android phone. But I am worried about information leaked just by factory reset. I just searched online, the suggestion is using such iOS Data Eraser program to help us erase all data on it.So I tried it. It's great.
    2018-09-03 09:46:55
    Easy to use
    by Olmp
    It is very easy to conduct and also an detailed instruction is offered as well. Nice!
    2018-08-30 17:40:56
    Completely deleted all my files
    by Ashaka
    I have heard many friends said that I have to use a professional software to completely delete all my files from my old iPhone 7 before I sell it out. Now I come for help from Coolmuster iOS Eraser, which did not disappoint me at all.
    2018-08-27 11:34:28
    Make my iPhone 7 like a new one
    by Jane
    I like this newly released iOS Data Eraser tool. There are three 3 different data erasing levels. I chose the Medium level to erase data on my iPhone 7. It's great, after erasing, my iPhone 7 just like a new one. So I can trade it safely.
    2018-08-27 11:13:40
    It's useful.
    by Simon Cowell
    I want to sell my old iphone, I found it and don't worry about personal privacy leaking. Very simple.
    2016-12-25 17:34:28
    easy to use
    by Nguyen
    It is easy to use & straightforward. I cleaned my iPad with only a few mouse clicks! Worth trying.

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