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    2022-08-29 19:13:10
    It's cool!
    by David Carter
    It helped me recover my deleted contacts that I did not back up. I really love it. Cool.
    2022-04-10 19:56:28
    Please update it!
    by Jony
    This software is not updated for a long time. Please update it for the new iPhones. Thank you.
    2022-03-01 19:11:09
    Get my deleted contacts back!
    by Andre Luiz
    It helped me to recover deleted contacts back from my iPhone 12. Very nice, but it costed my money.
    2021-12-28 19:06:56
    New iPhone is available?
    by Boris Winterr
    It seems not be updated for a long time. Does it support the new iPhone?
    2021-08-03 09:48:15
    Is iOS 15 supported?
    by Rida Dahhane
    It seems not be updated for a long time. Does this software support the newest iOS 15?
    2021-05-20 10:05:21
    by Jorge Osorno
    I lost my iPhone text message, it's very important to me. But there was no backup on iTunes. I was very upset. Thankful. This software helped me out.
    2021-03-10 09:56:17
    Free to scan
    by Dmitrii
    Actually, I am not sure which recovery software to buy. And this one let me scan my contacts and text messages for free. So I can check whether it can help me recover them back or not. Nice!
    2021-01-14 10:06:32
    Does it support iOS 14?
    by Soufiane
    Since there is no update, I am not sure that it does support iOS 14 or not. So I also did not upgrade my iPhone to iOS 14.
    2020-10-29 10:00:01
    There is no Mac version
    by Mai
    I switched my Windows computer to a Macbook pro. But there is no Mac version. So I can't use it. When the Mac version will be out?
    2020-08-04 10:15:33
    Easy to use
    by Alen
    I tried it, my deleted contacts are marked in red on program window. Then I could preview and choose them to recover. It's really easy to use.
    2020-06-09 10:42:46
    Does it support iOS13?
    by Aradio
    Actually, the iOS13.5 is out. Does this tool support iOS13. Please update it, if no. Thank you.
    2020-04-16 10:37:40
    Recover iPhone SMS and Contacts without backup
    by Pao
    It helps me recover deleted text messages and contacts from iPhone without backup. Really helpful. Even I knew nothing about it, I did that by following user guide your site offered. Thanks a lot.
    2020-02-25 10:24:46
    Nice shooting.
    by Qural
    Hey, man. Your Coolmuster iPhone SMS + Contacts Recovery is cool. Cause it's confused when you deleted or lost text messages and contacts on your iPhone without backup. Nice shooting.
    2020-01-13 18:28:07
    Do I need to root my iPhone?
    by Weiki
    I know I need to root my Android phone if I want to use your Android data recovery software. Do I need to root my iPhone before I use this iPhone SMS + Contacts Recovery? Thank you.
    2019-09-24 19:14:36
    Does it support data recovery from iTunes backup?
    by Gelou
    It seems not support data recovery from iTunes backup from the main interface. I used the trial version. Does the full version support it?
    2019-08-21 10:55:38
    Please update it for supporting iOS 12
    by Genie
    I think it's very easy to recover the lost contacts and messages from my old iPhone. I used it before. But it seems not support the new iOS 12 of my new iPhone. Could you please update it for that? Thank you~
    2018-11-12 13:40:14
    Recover deleted contacts only from my iTunes backup files
    by Candar
    I need a tool that can help us reover deleted contacts only from my iTunes backup files. I searched a lot and found this tool. This tool is really helpful. With its help, the deleted or lost contacts can be easily recovered.
    2018-10-29 18:23:38
    Can I recover one SMS that I don't have from a contact/thread?
    by Ajaka
    Can I recover one SMS that I don't have from a contact/thread? Thanks
    2018-08-30 18:06:32
    easy to use and useful
    by Amber
    This software is easy to use and also it helped me get back my lost contacts, so sweet! Like it!
    2018-07-19 16:12:27
    recover contacts deleted last year
    by Mike
    Can I recover my contacts that I deleted last year?
    2018-06-05 18:10:20
    My lost contacts are back!
    by LIN
    My lost contacts are back! Thanks to this powerful program! Thanks so much!
    2018-06-04 18:25:49
    Thanks a lot
    by Helen
    Thanks a lot! This app helped me recover my lost contacts. It was very important to me. Thanks again.
    2018-03-14 18:18:20
    this program can only recover contacts and messages?
    by Alisa
    This program can only recover contacts and messages?
    2018-03-08 11:37:04
    can recover detailed information
    by Catherine
    It is nice and it can recover detailed information like contact name, address, company, email, SMS attachments and so on. It helps me a lot.
    2018-03-01 11:38:36
    by Lori
    Well, if it can recover more file types, not only SMS and contacts, that would be better. Well, actually I know there is another powerful app from this website, too. Anyway, good~
    2018-01-31 18:27:13
    My lost contacts come back
    by Ada
    Thanks so much, I now have my lost contacts back from my iPhone. Thank you!!!
    2018-01-23 10:14:15
    good recovery tool
    by Alvis
    Well, I failed to jailbreak my iPhone, I think. And I don't know why all my contacts and messages and other files were gone from my phone. Luckily, I have them back with this recovery tool. Great and thanks.
    2018-01-03 18:18:33
    recover contacts from iPhone
    by Kyle
    This program can help me recover my lost contacts from iPhone. And it is easy to use the program, too.
    2017-12-26 18:20:50
    iCloud backup
    by Nic
    Is this recovery tool support to recover data from iCloud backup, please?
    2017-12-26 18:13:32
    For contacts and SMS only?
    by Tiger
    May I ask if this tool is only to recover contacts and SMS on iPhone as the name indicates? Thanks.
    2017-11-28 17:53:25
    good tool
    by yuuuuuu
    Well, my phone was broken after my little son dropped it to the floor. Whatever, I can still have my contacts back from my SIM card with this recovery tool. Thanks
    2017-08-25 18:05:23
    by Nina
    It does recover my deleted text messages from my old iPhone. Cool!
    2017-07-18 17:54:36
    easy to use
    by Lily
    It is easy to use and it is very suitable for me. And I have recovered my messages and contacts with the program on my own. Excellent!
    2016-08-31 15:34:06
    thumbs up
    by Cha
    it really retrieved the message that I accidentally deleted on my iPhone 6. It was a relief cause I badly needed the information in it. It was worth downloading *thumbs up*
    2015-12-18 17:37:40
    Simple but useful
    by Selina
    The function of the program is simple but it really useful for me to regain my lost contacts list from my iPhone 6S plus. Cool app, thanks!
    2015-11-25 16:33:43
    Useful tool
    by Roma
    Works well on my iPhone 5S, and quickly find back my lost phone numbers. Thanks, guys!
    2015-11-12 17:08:14
    Enough to me
    by Linda
    Even though this app only support contacts and text message, but to be honest, it is enough to me at present. However, I hope the scanning speed can be more faster in the coming days. Come on, guys!
    2015-10-27 15:44:05
    by Jason
    I lost all my contacts right after upgrading to iOS 9.0.1 today, and now I got all of them back by using your app.
    2015-09-29 15:15:15
    Nice App
    by Nina
    It is really useful when I use your app to restore messages on my iPhone 6. Only few clicks, the deleted message have been found, and saved well on my desktop computer. Cool app, guys! Thanks!
    2015-08-27 18:04:42
    Thank you!
    by Caroline
    Something went wrong while updating my iPhone to iOS 8.4.3. After working for several hours I finally made the iPhone work properly. However, all my important contacts were lost! I was looking for a program to recover the lost contacts then I found your guys. I am absoloutely amazed at the whole contact list was recovered. Can't thank Coolmuster more...

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